This was a fantastic episode of Smackdown Live. The whole show we were constantly reminded that we are building towards Wrestlemania. In this show we were either treated to great matches or Superstars were making compelling arguments as to why they need to win at Wrestlemania!! In my opinion this show was 5 out of 5. Lets go through the show together!

Miz Promo

The best thing about the Miz is his ability to make you believe what he says. He tends to inject a bit of truth and emotion into his promos. This did exactly what it was supposed to do Made you root for the Miz and hate Shane McMahon. Holy crap…… I might want to see Miz at the stop of the card

Bailey and Banks (Boss and Hug Connection) vs the IICONICS 

IICONICS Promo…… as always Great Promo

Match Interrupted by Lacey Evens who is still not doing anything since her debut…… HEY WWE, WALKING THE RAMP LIKE ITS A CATWALK DOESN’T COUNT AS YOU BEING DEBUTED ON THE MAIN ROSTER!!! 

Match: Peyton Royce and Billie Kay held their own against the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. They isolated Bailey and worked her over through the match. 

The teams did a great job of building to the “Hot Tag” and when Sasha tagged in the crowd went ballistic!! The match went on for quite a while longer than I thought it would. It gave The IIconics time to properly showcase their talent and have a good reason to build towards their inevitable Championship opportunity. The finish was good with Sasha being distracted by Billie Kay giving Peyton Royce a chance for the roll up victory.

IIconics Pin The WWE Women’s Champions.

Rey Mysterious announces match vs Samoa Joe at Wrestlemania for the United States Championship 

WWE is doing a great job of Building up Kofi Kinston as a Legit Contender to the WWE Championship

Kevin Owens Show is the next segment with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair as guests. I love KO’s ability to hype the crowd and get them believing in something!! He starts his segment by saying that your best friends always know how to push your buttons and they’re always the ones that sting the most making reference to Sami Zayne. Kevin Owen’s words lead into a brawl between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch

Security comes out to try and control the brawl….. Becky and Charlotte start wailing on the Security Guards. Get ready to hear about the whole Wrestlemania women’s match getting fined for their actions this week.

AJ Styles is being interviewed now about Randy’s comments last week…… pretty good promo. Styles is a “Phenomenal” athlete in the ring but his promos aren’t always hot! This one did a pretty good job of building but some wins before Wrestlemania would be a much better use of his talents.

Daniel Bryan out next to cut a promo. Daniel makes great point about how Kofi was chosen by the McMahon’s to replace Mustafa Ali when Ali got hurt, Kofi was HANDED a championship opportunity…. great Promo definitely an awesome way to build to the match at Wrestlemania!!!


Kofi vs Sheamus w. Cesaro at ringside.

Kofi uses his agility against the much stronger Sheamus. You can see Kofi is pumped up!! You want to see him win! Sheamus uses his strength and also Cesaro’s interference to gain an advantage. Sheamus uses the cloverleaf submission and you can see the pain in Kofi’s eyes. Kofi Fights out, Kofi looks smart, tough and resilient!! Kofi wins with the Trouble in Paradise.

Kofi Kinston pins Sheamus

Kofi vs Cesaro is Next

Cesaro comes in strong, wasting no time vs Kofi! He tries to build on the damage done by Sheamus to Kofi’s back by also applying the Cloverleaf. Cesaro is unbelievably strong modifying the Boston crab and picking Kofi up for a slam back to the Mat! Kofi survives that slam and hits the SoS pins Cesaro.

Kofi Kinston pins Cesaro

Kofi vs Rowan is 3rd March in Gauntlet

Rowan has been built up as a monster and he doesn’t disappoint. He throws Kofi around like a rag doll the announcers do a great job of pointing out it’s only because Kofi has been in the ring for 26 minutes with 2 different opponents and is exhausted and hurt. 

Rowan gets himself Disqualified for a chair shot on Kofi but doesn’t stop his attack! Rowan is man handling Kofi, sends him into the time keeper area and looks to put him through the announcers desk. IRON CLAW TO KOFI THROUGH THE DESK!! They are really stacking the odds up wonderfully for Kofi’s heroic win.

Kofi Kinston wins via Disqualification.

Kofi vs Samoa Joe is the 4th match in the Gauntlet

Kofi has been battered and bruised, hit with a chair and put through a table…… what does he have left?

Samoa joe is using his strength and toughness to keep Kofi of balance but Kofi’s verterans Instincts kick in and he is able to hit another SOS but didn’t have the energy to go for the pin. Kofi gets a surprise roll up on Joe and gets the pin!!! 

Kofi Kinston pins Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe doesn’t leave instantly, Joe instead is so upset at the loss he locks in the Coquina Clutch and Kofi passes out!!

Kofi vs Randy Orton 5th match in the Gauntlet

Orton comes in fresh and starts taking it to Kofi. Kofi is visibly exhausted, he’s been at this for over 40 minutes and it shows. Kofi’s moves are sluggish and instinctual at best, pure muscle memory. Orton gets in a headlock and is trying to get Kofi to pass out, Kofi fights out of the sleeper and goes on the offensive. The offense doesn’t last long as he goes for a drop kick and Orton avoids it easily. Orton goes for the RKO and Kofi blocks it hitting a “trouble in paradise” but can’t make the cover. Orton recovers, goes to hit a duplex off the top rope but aloof 

Orton hits a middle rope DDT and it looks to be over as he calls for the RKO, Kofi blocks it again and gets a surprise roll up on Orton.

Kofi Kinston pins Randy Orton and wins the Gauntlet Match!

Vince McMahon comes out after the match to congratulate Kofi Kingston….. Vince announces that Kofi is going to Wrestlemania!!!…. IF he can win this one final match tonight against WWE Champion Daniel Bryan

Kofi Kinston vs WWE Champion Daniel Bryan (Gauntlet Surprise)

Daniel Bryan comes into the match hot hitting some big kicks on Kofi, sending him into the ropes. Top rope Belly to Back superplex from Bryan to Kofi and Kofi still kicks out!! Bryan locks in the Lebell Lock but Kofi gets to the ropes. Kofi hits a desperation SOS goes for the pin and Bryan kicks out! After a couple running knees in the corner from Bryan to Kofi, Kofi manages to block one and reverses the kick into a roll up, Bryan kicks out. Kofi goes for a crossbody off the middle rope but Bryan ducks and hits a running Knee. Daniel Bryan pins Kofi Kinston and the Match is over.

Daniel Bryan pins Kofi Kinston

Kofi Kinston loses the Gauntlet Match and is not going to Wrestlemania to face Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship. After wrestling over an hour, defeating all 5 of his scheduled opponents and holding his own vs his surprise opponent, The Current WWE Champion Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kinston more than showed he belongs in the main event picture. WWE has done an amazing job of making you want to see Kofi Kinston hoist the WWE championship over his head at Wrestlemania.