Welcome to The Nerdy Basement‘s official website! As you may already know, The Nerdy Basement has been an online News & Media outlet, primarily operating through Instagram; bringing you the latest rumors, breaking news and updates from the comic book movie world! During the past two years, since our founding in 2017, our goal has always been to build a community for the fans, by the fans, of Nerd/Geek and Pop Culture. Initially, it was a place for us to discuss and briefly review the latest comics, news, rumors and updates, regarding comic books, comic book movies, tv shows and more. To later expand on it on our weekly podcast episodes on The Nerdy Basement Podcast. We are glad to say that we have succeeded!

The idea of having a website was a topic that was constantly brought to our attention, a year into our Instagram journey. As our page grew and as opportunities became available, we came across some shortcomings. Those shortcomings were due to the lack of having a website. While many opportunities were still available without the presence of an official website, the time had come to finally follow suit and have a website of our own — to broaden our horizons and bring more news and media coverage to our community, readers, followers and listeners.

Those who have been keeping up with us from Day One, have seen the many changes that have come our way. The ups and the downs. But they have seen that we were able to adapt and overcome. We have gained, and we have lost. But our mission has stayed on course and we are now spearheading our way into the bigger ranks of what we now call journalism. That’s the same energy and mindset we will continue to have on our next chapter.
Our team is led by myself, Osvaldo J. Madera (or Ozzy), Owner/Founder, Editor-in-Chief and Producer of The Nerdy Basement Podcast.  I am joined at the helm by fellow writer and co-host, Tony Martinez. The team also consists of Ed Pagan and Miguel Martinez, the duo team formerly known as ComicChatter. They have now rebranded and officially joined The Nerdy Basement team as full-time writers as well as co-hosts of The Nerdy Basement Podcast. These two individuals are currently operating under The Nerdy Basement umbrella, Comics in the Basement. Rounding out the team, is Alain Miranda, who is serving as our Graphic Designer, Webmaster and Content Manager.
Together, the team will dedicate their time and efforts to our next project. What is our next project? Our website! Here on our website, we will now provide full articles, expansive information and solicitations of comics books and collectible toys and action figures. You will now see full comic book reviews, spoiler-free reviews of current comic book movies and tv shows; which will later be reviewed with full spoilers on our weekly podcast episodes. You can find comic book deep dives, news and reviews on non-comic book related movies and tv shows. Our anime lovers will also find a nice place for them to stay in our basement, as anime will also be covered on the site as well. Cosplayers? Don’t worry, they’re welcomed too!
Our goal is to build and expand and reach an audience and community far beyond the reaches of Facebook and/or Instagram. While Facebook and Instagram will still be our main source for news and updates regarding your favorite fandoms, here on The Nerdy Basement’s website you can find all that and more!
We think we’ve made it clear enough as to what we will be doing on our website going forward. We really hope to have your support and we really hope you guys will enjoy being our website as well. There will plenty of surprises coming once the website officially launches on March 15, 2019.
If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us using our e-mail page located on the website. If you prefer a much more direct form of contact, make sure to contact Ozzy on Twitter or Instagram. Links to all of our social media outlets are located on theleft!
Thank you for your time and as always, Stay Nerdy My Friends!
Editor-in-Chief at The Nerdy Basement | Website

Founder/Editor-in-Chief of The Nerdy Basement.


Founder/Editor-in-Chief of The Nerdy Basement.