Doom Patrol news has been scarce as of late but it seems that we will be starting to get more details in terms of casting and who’s appearing in the upcoming season. According to a new report by Full Circle Cinema, in accordance with a new casting addition on IMDB, actor Roger Floyd will portray Doom Patrol villain Red Jack, in Doom Patrol Season 2.

While IMDB is probably not the most reliable source of casting news, and we at The Nerdy Basement tend to wait until official castings are revealed. This bit of casting news seems to have credence since Roger Floyd took to Twitter to react and seemingly confirm the casting news.

According to the casting report, Red Jack will make his debut on the third episode of this upcoming season.

Red Jack made his comic book debut in Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol #22. He first faced off against the Doom Patrol when he kidnapped a comatose Rhea Jones (Lodestone) to be his bride. The Doom Patrol then tracks down Red Jack, but are easily defeated until Rhea Jones awakens from her coma and stabs Red Jack in the back.

While Rhea Jones has yet to make her live-action debut on Doom Patrol (no word if she ever will), this storyline could be a potential plotline for the second season of Doom Patrol. We can possibly see a scenario where Crazy Jane or Rita could be used to replace Rhea Jones to make this plotline work.

Doom Patrol is currently streaming on DC Universe. Doom Patrol Season 1 & 2 will stream concurrently on DC Universe and HBO Max when it premieres.

Source: Full Circle Cinema, IMDB, Doom Patrol Updates Twitter

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