Superman’s greatest adversary is reportedly coming to Titans Season 3. According to a new report from scooper Daniel Richtman, DC Universe is reportedly casting someone for the role of Lex Luthor. Based on the finale of Titans Season 1, and all throughout Titans Season 2. Lex Luthor has been an established character with a huge presence off-screen. Superboy’s full inclusion in Titans Season 2, heavily hinted and name-dropped Lex Luthor due to the fact that Lex Luthor is the dad of Conner Kent aka Superboy, who is a genetic clone from both Lex Luthor and Superman.

While Blackfire, Starfire’s sister is slated to be the main antagonist of the third season, having a full Lex Luthor presence in the series can help add some exposition to Superboy’s storyline. One of the many fan critiques of Titans has been the jumbling of overly stuffed subplots while lacking exposition and development for the man plot of the series.

If Lex Luthor is indeed cast for Titans Season 3, he will be the trifecta of new characters joining Titans Season 3. Reports have revealed that Roy Harper/Arsenal and Barbara Gordon/Oracle will also be new additions to Titans Season 3.

Titans Season 1 & 2 is streaming exclusively on DC Universe.

Source: Full Circle Cinema

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