Disney brought the house down with their CinemaCon panel. Showing footage from their upcoming films like Lion King, Avengers: Endgame and more.

Pleasing the crowd the in attendance is an understatement, as Disney revealed their 2019 film slate. In that slate were new IPs that Disney recently acquired from their Fox buyout which finalized last month.


In that new film slate was Fox’s New Mutants. The X-Men spin-off film that has been up in air since reshoots were scheduled in 2018. Speculation on the films status went rampant. Not just from fans but from news outlets and cast members alike. Most recently was Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams who was asked during an interview, when New Mutants would see the day of light and to her response “Who knows when the fuck that’s gonna come out” and rightfully so.

Multiple reports throughout the past few months stated that Disney wasn’t sure what to do with the film, in terms of release. Sources speculated that the film would end up on Disney+ or Hulu, depending if Disney deemed the film worthy of a theatrical release.

Disney has finally laid all speculation to rest as they officially confirm that New Mutants will get a theatrical release. When? We don’t know. The film is slated to release is August but no release date was shown at the panel.

Now if we backtrack a bit to the time when Disney was still waiting for approval on their Fox buyout. Disney stated that they would release any and all films in production or completed, when they buyout became official. As we can see, Disney is keeping up with their word and releasing all the Fox properties that were in development.

New Mutants is still awaiting reshoots, but there has been no updates on said reshoots and when and if they will happen.

Source: KC Walsh Twitter