Josh Boone’s New Mutants film has been on quite a rocky journey these past two years. After planned reshoots, planned script rewrites, and several delays. New Mutants is now on the road to finally arrive in theaters. A new trailer for the film was released this past week and it reignited the interest of fans for the film. Prior to the release of the trailer, director Josh Boone had revealed that the film would be his original vision. That meant no rewrites, no reshoots, nothing of the sorts.

Today, in what is now being boiled down to a “typo”, according to Disney’s D23 website. The New Mutants were revealed to be a new addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Several minutes later after the news spread like wildfire, the New Mutants portion of Disney’s article was completely removed. A fishy move in my opinion if this was a small mistake like a typo. I personally think that this was a bit of news that was meant to be revealed in the weeks leading up to the release of New Mutants or a revelation what would become public once the movie was released in theaters, like a post-credit scene or an official press release. Best case scenario an official reveal from Kevin Feige months after the film releases.

Who knows what the plan really is here but even going back to SDCC this past summer. Kevin Feige mentioned not being able to talk about “mutants”. We immediately assumed Feige was referencing the X-Men since they’re the first mutants that come to mind when anyone says the word “mutants”. But what if the “mutants” Kevin Feige teased and couldn’t discuss was indeed The New Mutants? We can also go a couple of weeks back to when it was reported that New Mutants had received Marvel’s blessing.

That can mean a number of things so we won’t spend time trying to decipher what that blessing truly was or is. We can theorize though, maybe that this was the blessing that the New Mutants received…full integration into the MCU. It’s the final Fox, X-Men related film, so why not also use it as a starting point for Mutantkind within the MCU going forward?

We’ll keep a wary eye out for more of this story as it develops and will update you guys as more information becomes available.

Source: MCU Cosmic via D23

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