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Vehicle list features licensed Japanese and European import cars. The drifts can score a combo which increases in every drift as long as the player scores more than 1000 points in each section, and as the combo increases, number of points will also be increased with each section, but the combo can end if the player scores less than 1000 points or bumps a wall, ending the drift. Play this game online and for free on Silvergames.com. Kaido: Legend of the Mountain Pass) in Japan and Kaido Racer 2 in Europe and Australia) is a racing simulator by Genki that was released in 2005. Evo-F2 Racing. 19% . Even people who used to hang out with say they're afraid to talk to him now. In the original release, it's possible to "recreate" Slashers' cars. His racing style is truly emotional. As with the original, the goal is to defeat all Slashers (bosses of roads) to win the game. -Shin'ichi Tamaki (Shinichi Tamashiro in US & EU version), aka Haruna Guardian (Guardian in EU & US version) : After losing once to a racer that suddenly appeared out of nowhere, he realized how vulnerable his position was. That’s why you should try the second instalment of Extreme Drift, a game that will take your drifting skills to the limit. SIMULATION There are also several parodies of cars from anime and manga titles like Initial D, Wangan Midnight and Over Rev! Extreme Drift 2 is a fast paced racing game to test your skills in drifting. CAR Russian Extreme Off-Road. Drifting community is full of pro drivers who are experts in controlling all kinds of motorized vehicles. Motorbike Freestyle. Although, the game has a large, yet spread out fan base among car enthusiast as the style of racing displayed (Drifting) and the locations (Mountain, Country Roads) gave them the opportunity to safely experience the Japanese street racing culture that was prevalent during the 1980s up to present day. Lada Russian Car Drift. There are some really hot cars waiting for you to test-drive them like a maniac, so you better get drifting! with different colors. They are looking for a new blood, for someone who would bring a new style and trends to the game! Each destination has unique events, and have much bigger cash prizes and also unlock special medals. -Kazuhiko Ooaza, aka MMC Ooaza (Mr. Mitsu in EU & US version) : A regular café patron who loves Mitsubishi cars, he's a well-known fixture in Hakone. He's currently focused on creating the perfect line. Available cars become more and more powerful from the basic K-car, minitruck, 1600cc compact to the 3000cc sports car. Although, some new tweaks have been made. Customize your car setting the color you want and start speeding on a track trying to drift as much as you can to earn points. As Slashers are beaten and new locations are unlocked, new cars, sponsors and car parts are unlocked. Customize Your Ride . Have fun. Drifting Games; 3D Games; Boy Games; Car Games; Multiplayer Games; Racing Games; Description. Later, a secret will be revealed at the end of the staff credits. But he's incredibly passionate about racing, training rigorously even on Sunday mornings in his Sileighty when not many people are out. Extreme Off-Road Cars 2. -Taiju Kōkami (Hiroki Koukami in US & EU version), the Emotional King, aka Forever Knights (Blackout in US & EU version) : Once the fastest man in Aso - no, the fastest man on ANY course (since he is the hero in Kaido Battle / Tokyo Xtreme Racer Drift) - the only person who could rival Kōkami was Kōkami himself. About Xtreme Drift 2 Online. 3D Tokyo Xtreme Racer DRIFT 2 (known as Kaido Battle: Touge no Densetsu (lit. One day soon, the storm is going to hit. Car Drift Racers 2. Each Stage (except Stage 1 and Stage 4, which has only two locations) features three locations, and usually only one has to be beaten in order to advance to the next Stage, although more hardcore gamers will tend to conquer all locations at the Stage to achieve 100% in the game and unlock new cars, car parts, etc. -Masaya Tendō, aka Metal Wizard (Alchemist in EU & US version) : He used to be fairly well known on the highway course at Omote Rokko, but he never really stood out. Try to finish your laps as fast as possible to earn some extra money and buy a new, better car. TXRD players highly anticipated it's release, but few others did. He thinks he's cool because he drives an ordinary FR 25 GT-S instead of a GT-R, but no one else seems to think so. With the original tracks in the game, a new option in the game has been made: Short Courses. Maybe it's because he's smarter than the rest of us... -Kyōichi Imaizumi, the Absolute Emperor, aka Yeti Fang : Once known as the fastest man in Zao, he was knockeed from his perch one day by a new racer who made it look easy against his Clio V6 Phase 2. With 4 different modes (Drift, Race, Freestyle, Multiplayer), Realistic physics, simulating every aspect of car behavior, Drive 30 powerful and exciting, highly detailed drift cars, Customize your cars with exclusive paint jobs and rims. This may not seem like a very big step up, but in the able hands of Asuka, who has always been good at handling powerful cars like this, the difference is obvious. Racing battles, drifting challenges and even free ride! Anyone can be a legend in the game Xtreme Drift 2 Online. Category races have been changed as well, with three types of them: Standard Races, Gymkhana and Advanced Races. Extreme Drift. His vaunted FTO is tuned almost to perfection, and he continues to thwart the ambitions of those racers who would conquer Hakone. Tokyo Xtreme Racer DRIFT 2 (known as Kaido Battle: Touge no Densetsu (lit.Kaido: Legend of the Mountain Pass) in Japan and Kaido Racer 2 in Europe and Australia) is a racing simulator by Genki that was released in 2005. That’s why you should try the second instalment of Extreme Drift, a game that will take your drifting skills to the limit. Opposed to them are Kingdom Twelve, a group of 12 professional racers who race to "protect" the highway drivers from city racers, and they have arrived to combat Thirteen Devils, and they have custom vinyls and high-end performance cars. A difference from the previous game is that in the previous game, only bets were with special car parts or a new car, but in this game all races feature bets, with some of them featuring parts or vehicles. There’s always time for a nice, fast paced racing game! Xtreme Drift 2 Online is a 3D multiplayer racing game. The game features 4 Stages through the game. Maximum Acceleration. Try to score the most points for drifting. DRIFTING 1st Stage : ----- 1) What is TXRD2? - Yūya Takuma, aka World Supremacy (Dominator in EU & US version) : He holds numerous records in Hiroshima-Noroyama. This page was last edited on 7 October 2020, at 14:46. Enjoy Extreme Drifting 2! The professional drift team is looking for new members! Thirteen Devils is a racing team from Tokyo that has arrived on highways of Japan to conquer all the major courses. Car Challenger. -Tatsu Zōshigaya, the Miracles Summit, aka Supremacy Murder (Reign Supreme in US & EU version) : When Emotional King suddenly disappeared from Aso, in his place came a next racing phenomenon : Zōshigaya, all of 19 years old. As with the original game, performance can be tuned up, although now there is a different mod of engine tuning in which you pick parts from different manufactures to help tune the car to the maximum amount of power. Play this game online and for free on Silvergames.com. There are only three short courses in the game, and as the name says, they are much shorter than the long course tracks. Standard races are CA challenges which allows the player to progress through levels, which in turn allows the player to race in Advanced Races. Slashers drive special vehicles with unique body kits, paint and stickers. Win the race! WEBGL They cannot be simply unlocked by passing the Conquest mode, but rather by winning the special invitation by beating the significant opponent in the game and winning a number of prizes to be allowed to participate. Play with other people. And so began the pursuit of the new Haruna Guardians... -Eiji Kurihara, aka Lonely Wanderer (Eternal Wanderer in EU & US version) : It was a long time ago, but the name "Kurihara" used to strike fear into the hearts of racers in Haruna. I don't like it! -Chōmei Jō (Nagaaki Jyo in US & EU version), aka New Moon : For the time being, he's the fastest racer on the new Shiga Kusatsu course. Win the race! The player starts with around ¥2,500,000 (or around $23,000) to buy a car (more than the previous game, Kaido Battle 2, which had only ¥2,200,000 to start). : | ----- Tokyo Xtreme Racer DRIFT 2 is a mountain racing game focused on Japanese sports cars. Off-Road Rain: Cargo Simulator. But true TXRD2 fans obliged, creating debates that proved how good TXRD2 really was. With the same plot as the original game had, some differences have been made.

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