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Check out our huge collection of hot Table Top Miniatures and receive Free Shipping at $99 to the continental U.S. As described on p. 101-102 of Dragon Heist, there are a number of other powerful factions throughout the city that are aware of Xanathar’s Lair and can reveal the secret entrance to Area X1. A place to discuss the latest version of Dungeons and Dragons, the fifth edition, known during the playtest as D&D Next. Kuo-toa / Kuo-toa whip – MM p. 199-200, Chefs – kobolds, MM p. 195 There is a magical portal to Xanathar’s Lair in the Guild Sewer Hideout in Chapter 1: Finding Floon . The biggest thing about Xanathar is going to be dont just stick him in a room and allow your PC to run at him. It is the 5etools platform of choice for integrations. It’s not unheard of for even loyal members of the Guild to disappear over there. Recently Perkins made the statement that at least in Dragon Heist, the faction leaders are supposed to be (in slight paraphrase) deadly-level encounters where the faction leader doesn't actually die, just escapes or somehow lives/is returned promptly. Any member of the Xanathar Guild will be fairly familiar with all of the public spaces in the lair. Bugbears – MM p. 33 This will also be easier to do if Jarlaxle’s team includes someone the PCs have seen before during the Grand Game, if that’s not Jarlaxle himself.). Xanathar has some kind of machine that “wakes him up in emergencies”. I can see one potential problem with putting a scrying eye in the audience chamber. Edition - PDF Edition, City Supplement 1: Dweredell Was this a typo? A Friend in Need - a Waterdeep: Dragon Heist DM's Resource. So, I have a player that has Xanathar as a big part of their backstory, and they are going to waterdeep to do some other stuff. If not what’s your reasoning for moving them? There’s one halfling who remembers seeing some of Xanathar’s personal guard come through the secret door between X17 and X16 (“I was looking at this fresco of a leafless tree that had lidless eyes embedded in its branches and suddenly – presto! And yet, they have terrible sprue engineering and not-that-great detail. During a tournament, there will be gathered an audience of 30-60 people. This document was lovingly created using GM Binder.. By placing a scrying sensor there, it more or less forces the PCs to either suborn the panopticus or find an alternative route to Area X19. But there’s another reason for including Jarlaxle’s crew here: Xanathar’s Lair is probably the hardest nut to actually crack. You list the Beholder Zombie and Gas spores as being in X2 instead of X3 which is where the source book puts them. Far easier is contacting one of the many people who have attended the gladiatorial games to describe what they’ve seen. There is a magical portal to Xanathar’s Lair in the Guild Sewer Hideout in Chapter 1: Finding Floon. I am deeply confused. Questioning Xanatharian agents might give the PCs an opportunity to piece out information, but convincing them to do so when the consequence is Xanathar’s displeasure is not an easy task. It was my friend who directed me to this website as a resource, and it has made this adventure so much more interesting for me and my players. Press J to jump to the feed. There are no blueprints of Xanathar’s Lair to be found. He's more than likely a regular beholder but he most likely has multiple magic items that can possibly affect his CR. X16 – Panopticus Station: In addition to the normal entry for this room, it is possible to suborn the panopticus network. Since that’s where the dwarves’ speaking tube leads to, if they see intruders in the area, what exactly are they supposed to do about it? Jarlaxle and his remaining men slip through the door behind them and then through the secret door to X19. Jarlaxle would also prefer to keep him in situ as a valuable source of intel until the Grand Game has concluded. It’s a cool setup, but what is the justification for the rival team arriving simultanously, and not an hour before or later? Entrance: Generally speaking, there are three methods of entry to Xanathar’s Lair. He'll have a statblock in Dragon Heist which I think is coming out in September. Cheers, Gene. Construction was straightforward with one exception - the mouth didn't fit on the body straight out of the box, but a quick dunk in hot water and some reshaping made for a perfect fit with very little effort and no gap filling. Dumb question – But where in X’s lair is the eye? I'm pretty sure he's supposed to wear various magic rings on his eyestalks so give him whatever rings you think are interesting. They are priced above many Bandai gunpla kits. After locating the Eye, they go down the emergency escape route to X21. I have one sort of stupid question—where is the index of your dragon heist work? Xanathar stole the Stone of Golorr from Lord Neverember and he stole one of the three Eyes from the Zhentarim. Then he lost the Stone when Dalakhar took it from him. X19 – Xanathar’s Sanctum: In addition to the normal entry for this room, Xanathar keeps the Eye in Sylgar’s fishbowl. However, once the distractions start causing turmoil, Nar’l might contribute to Jarlaxle’s plan in subtler ways. In addition to the arena itself (X6), those attending these fights are allowed to congregate in areas X2, X17, and X18. City Supplement 2: Aerie Adventure: Complex of Zombies If you would like to support the GM Binder … Would he just be a regular beholder, or am I missing a supplement or something? Their function can be determined with a DC 14 Intelligence (Arcana) check, making it clear that there must be a panopticus circle somewhere nearby being monitored by a number of watchers equal to the number of ghostly eyes. Do they know of the PCs plan and want to use them as a distraction? So if the PCs came in through X1, for example, then Jarlaxle’s team arrived from either Skullport or as part of the crowd for the gladiatorial tournament. Jarlaxle’s modus operandi will generally be using secondary teams to create distractions in order to draw people (including Xanathar) away from where he wants his primary team to be. Upon reviewing the Yellowspire section, I couldn’t find how that was. Xanathar is even more paranoid than usual right now and hasn’t left his lair in weeks. Xanathar doesn’t allow anyone to enter the Area X33 and most don’t even know what’s in there, but some know that there’s a secret door connecting the Arena (X6) and “whatever Xanathar has hidden down there”. The goal of this document is to provide you, the Dungeon Master, with tools and thoughts that'll help you make Chapter 1 of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist more exciting for your players and easier for … X7 – Cell Block: See Dragon Heist for full description. I want Xanathar to make a appearance, but I can't find his stat block. Noska Ur’gray – shield dwarf thug, MM p. 350 (DH p. 213) Additional guards are placed in the entrance to hallways X21 and X22, however, to turn guests away. EVENT SCHEDULE & SURVEILLANCE OPPORTUNITY. Panopticus Dwarves: The panopticus dwarves in Area X16 keep the following areas constantly under surveillance: Identifying the function of the ghostly eyes during onsite surveillance is probably crucial to carrying out an effective heist. X28 – Guild Recreation Hall: In contradiction of the normal entry for this room, there is no scrying sensor in this room. Men from X28 rush to the Audience Chamber (X18), causing the guards on the door there to rush out to X8. (These numbers are included in the adversary roster below.). Throughout the festival season, Xanathar hosts gladiatorial games every 2-4 days. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If Ott Steeltoes is rescued from the Zhentarim (see Part 3B), he may also be gulled into leading the PCs to this secret entrance. – the whole wall swung back and some of those shifty-eyed bugbears came through”). Players at level 1-4 aren't supposed to be powerful enough to defeat Xanathar, but I see no reason why a higher-level group couldn't have a shot at actually killing him. Jarlaxle’s lieutenant and two more of his men slip into X22 and down the stairs to X32. Keep it up I can’t wait for the rest….my dragon heist game starts in less than a month. maybe because I’m viewing this on a tablet? (. Flutterfoot Zipswiggle – DH p. 104 N’arl Xibrindas – drow mage, MM p. 129 (DH p. 211) Spells of Light and Darkness Well, you should! As noted in Part 3B, those interested in attending the fights must learn the secret pass phrases and go to gladiatorial gathering points throughout the city. Duergar – MM p. 122 He's got at least default Beholder stats. NPC Statblock Compendium by gq69 - Created with GM Binder.

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