volvo b20 supercharger

rpm and time to 1/10th of a second so I figured it would be at least as I'm ecstatic with the performance. When people refer to compression ratio they are indicating how much cylinder pressure will be seen in the combustion chamber at the end of the compression stroke. eaton m45 supercharger mounted on my volvo B20 engine. We ended up in the 12.0:1 AFR range with timing in the high 20's seeing a boost peak of about 8psi near redline. Rather than be redundant I'll point you to my other tech articles first to get a good background on the work done so far. Air-to-air intercoolers are available and less complicated but they increase the size of the area intake tract the compressor needs to pressurize - the effect is slower throttle response due to increased boost lag. My 1800 was fairly well sorted before the supercharger, turning in competitive times for a 35 year old car on street tires with a novice pilot. I didnt want to do an engine swap( if i did it would probably be a b230 turbo) i would rather do something to this. so I'm used to a hard pulling car. I have a 1 volvo 1800e and the engine does not produce very much power. After that there was some back and forth over the throttlebody and linkage but eventually the UPS lady labored up to the porch and dropped off a 50 lb. While the size of the throttlebody for an injected motor is not as critical as carb sizing it is still fairly important. Note that this product is posted from USA and you may face duty on its arrival. To be honest I've been diappointed with most trips to the dyno. John's existing supercharger installs used a carburetor in front of the supercharger to meter fuel into the compressor. There was also some question of whether or not I was maxing out my injectors so we did some very rich runs as a sanity test to verify that the injectors could keep up. I wasn't comfortable redlining it yet when I did these pulls so I shifted into 3rd. So if you take into account that I have a 9.5:1 static compression ratio and I plan on running 10 psi of boost pressure you'll find my motor will be running a 16:1 effective compression ratio while at peak boost. The clearances on this filter are perfect for use with my battery (optima redtop). My install was a little different because of the fuel injection but I was able to easily use reference pictures and kit instructions to get it done over a few days time. I also prefer the response - no turbo lag! I could also replace the cam with a stock C grind or go with a cam designed for the supercharger application but the blower costs a lot of money and this would push my project into a very visible position in the household ledger. Right off of idle you feel the boost come in and it increases in a smooth linear pull as long as you stay in the pedal. I sat down with some matrix resizing code I had written last year and compressed my old fuel and spark maps down to make room for positive pressure. I tried using Boris' excellent knocksense product to help detect knock but the B20 is just too noisy. I had been tuning the car using datalogs up to this point but the top end is best left to the dyno. A 10:1 compression ratio indicates that the air/fuel charge will be at 10 atmospheres of pressure or 147psi (10 x 14.7 = 147 psi) at the top of the stroke. High static compression ratios in a boosted motor are generally avoided for these reasons but they do give a fringe benefit of providing better off boost performance and efficiency. I'm not sure what automotive people consider the official My sticky throttle had me slingshotting right on to the highway for testing it out in the longer gears. Sure enough the motor was sticking up too far to clear the hood support frame when shut. To further complicate things I live at the At that point he had sold no units for use with injected The higher those pressures get the more volatile the charge becomes and the more likely you are to see predetonation and detonation (knock!)

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