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Where's Mister Lizard??? Whyatt has lost his very first tooth! Whyatt is a young boy with tan skin, dark blue eyes, and short brown hair that seems to be about ear length with his bangs pulled to the sides of his head and a single two-part tuft on the right side of his head, where his hair seems to be parted. In Season 3, there are some episodes that now feature sequences of the Super Readers singing songs related to their super big problem they need to solve (minus Alpha Pig's ABC song and Wonder Red rhyming song). He was very saddened when Jack left for college until finding out that he could go visit his brother sometimes while away, this lasted until The Cowgirl Mystery. This website is unauthorized to use the PBS KIDS Video module. The series is produced by New York City-based Out of the Blue Enterprises and Toronto-based DHX Media through its Decode Entertainment division. "Not I!" The reading heroes fly into the story upon which the ballet "Swan Lake" was based, where they encounter a fair maiden who is having a similar problem with a prince! He cares for them deeply and will worry for them if they have a problem. • Whyatt Beanstalk (voiced by: Nicholas Castel Vanderburghl (season 1), Nicholas Kaegi (season 2), Johnny Orlando (season 3)) – The host of the series and the leader of the group of characters who become the "Super Readers", Whyatt is an olive-skinned, blue-eyed, brown-haired boy who wears a dark blue polo shirt with green stripes and khaki pants. Over his eyes is a green eye mask. The Super Readers help Spider find a better way to approach Miss Muffet, and everyone learns that curds and whey taste better when shared with someone special. His cape is the same shade of blue and he also has on a pair of multi-blue colored turbo sneakers small lightning bolts on the sides that allow him to fly just like a real Super Hero. With curriculum guidelines established by the National Reading Panel, Super Why! The Super Readers head into the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff, who really want to cross the Trolls bridge...only this time the Troll gets to tell his side of the story. teaches preschoolers key literacy skills, including letter identification, decoding, encoding, spelling, and reading comprehension. Whyatt looks up to his brother and cares for him dearly. Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. His symbol is a question mark., A purple and green themed baseball uniform. From PBS KIDS - Gramma will not let Red into the kitchen to get some extra special Red Velvet Cake - and it's making Red extremely mad! Originally in "The Story Of The Super Readers", Super Why's why-writer took the form of a pencil. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Some fans believe that Whyatt has a crush on Red its possibly true. To find some answers, the Super Readers check out The Frog Prince and meet another Princess who can't see eye to eye with her friend! Baby Dino's Big Discovery: Whyatt tries to determine what dinosaur his toy is when he plays with the others. The Big Game: Whyatt wants to improve his baseball skills but keeps missing the ball. He works on the books illustrations. Compared to the others, Whyatt seems to be the calmest of them and is rarely ever upset or angry. Not I! (Season 3) "Super readers to the rescue"(Instrumental). His cape is the same shade of blue and he also has on a pair of multi-blue colored turbo sneakers small lightning bolts on the sides that allow him to fly just like a real Super Hero. The Great Robot Race: Whyatt and Puppy want to win the Porridge race but puppy struggles but they soon learn that they can invent some new ways to aid them. It is called a Wonder Words Basket and her symbol is a spiral. Super Why's Why Flyer is deep blue in color and resembles a typical plane with engines on the top. The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Super Why can also use it to highlight the words he is going to read. What's a Princess to do? Whyatt is a friendly and helpful boy, against all odds he'll always try to turn around any bad situation he may be faced with. On March 1, 2012, Directors & Producers of Yo Gabba Gabba Live! The Super Readers fly into a Puerto Rican folktale to meet a boy who thinks his Momma wants him to put his pig in a dress! Either by giving them support or by giving them a hug when the times call for it. and also the leader of the Super Readers, a group of storybook children who save the day by solving problems and diving into the storybooks in hopes of creating a happy ending while solving their own problems at the end of every adventure. The Super Readers take off into the story of the Little Red Hen, whose friends won't assist her either! Though it is mainly his head. The super readers venture into a classic tale to meet intrepid Knight George, who is about to face his own fears and battle a dragon to rescue a princess! Whyatt's friends are very important and dear to him too! Pig invited his friends over to play dinosaurs, but Whyatt can't figure out which toy dinosaur he has. is known as. The Super Readers soar into the Japanese folktale The Boy Who Drew Cats and encounter a little boy struggling to sketch a picture for the emperor. Upon landing, Whyatt will begin to read a few sentences of the book with the viewer, asking them to read along. Whyatt turns into "Super Why", a typical super hero with the power to Read. What happens when The Super Readers try to help Hansel and Gretel get out of a similar sticky (sweet) situation?

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