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I am trying to make a Boston cream pie. I was wondering how I would increase this recipe for a 12 x 18 pan? Seriously the best cake I have ever made! The cake is delicious!! It shouldn’t make a huge difference. Hi Lindsay, It’s very messy and sprinkles go everywhere, but it can help to set the cake over something like a cookie sheet so it collects some of the stray sprinkles. How many layers will this make in a 9 inch pan? Plus, this professional bakery style cake stays fresh and moist for 4 days — that’s unheard of!. Believe it or not, HOT milk helps with aeration in this cake. And it would affect the texture. Frost with frosting of choice, or cream and fresh berries or jam. Over mixing can over develop the gluten in the flour, which can make cakes more dense/bready. , So that brings us to today’s cake. ???????????? Check out my post on standard buttercream! After experimenting with other recipes for a vanilla cake, this one was IT! I also tested this cake as cupcakes and they turn out just as delicious – which is a wonderful thing. Another thing to consider is if you’re over mixing the cake batter, particularly after adding the flour mixture. Coming across this website was one of thole best thing that happened to my baking life. Can i replace the all purpose flour with cake flour? Help please! Every time I make one of your cakes for the holidays, they’re a hit. Thank you for this! Yep, looks like it got edited out. Absolutely superb. You wouldn’t be able to fit all the batter in one pan. Please advise. How many batches would you have to make for a 5 tiers cake? It turned out brilliantly and the cake was so fluffy and moist. Sometimes it can look just slightly curdled after adding the milk, so if that happens, don’t over mix it to try and fix it. Are you sure that you are fully creaming the butter and sugar every time? Quarantine life is no one’s favorite, but I’m glad you got to try a new vanilla cake recipe! Thank you for such an easy and great cake. It’ll take a very long time to bake, bake unevenly and end up more dense. I am wanting to make this as a coffee cake. I meant to add it to the recipe notes, so I’ve updated that. I tend to find that I just prefer all purpose flour in most cases. That looks delicious!! Invert and cool to room temperature, right side up. I have no doubt that this will not satisfy all. The acidity makes a difference. This cake has a great texture, even straight from the fridge, but is most divine at room temp. But why is the cake crumbling on the top ? Thanks Chandra! Then for the milk in mls, 11/4cups should be more than 120mls. I’ve been trying multiple cake recipes the past month, and this has been the clear winner! In your experience, does it freeze well and how far ahead can you make it? Thanks! It was my first time doing a 3 layer cake so was feeling anxious about it turning out terribly. Dear Lindsay, I’m desperate waiting for it I want it so bad!! Thank you very much and God bless .. Lovely caje, my go to vanilla recipe. Yeay!!! I think buttermilk would be fine. Unfortunately, this cake will not work with egg whites. But I’m gonna add coco powder to the mix to make it chocolate this time, chocolate frosting to the outside and whipped cream for the layers ❤️. I live in India (Asia) if it helps you give me some advice. It’s because microbes are beginning to grow, and the cake is starting to go bad, as indicated by the “strings” and the bad odor. The cake looked and tasted amazing. But in this recipe it works fine if you’d like to try it. While it takes time to beat the eggs to make a lovely fluffy cake, this recipe is more fail-proof than the usual “cream butter and sugar until fluffy” recipes – read the above box for why. Will it yield the same results? Scrape down the sides of the bowl as needed to be sure all ingredients are well incorporated. Move over, boxed mix! I’m trying to figure out proportions for a 2″ high 10″ pan. I had plenty to frost and decorate it. Hi Lindsay, So soft, fluffy, moist, flavorful, it just taste luxurious. Gradually add sugar one cup at a time, making sure to fully incorporate each cup before adding another. When you're baking this super-moist, delicious cake, the whole house smells incredibly delicious with vanilla cake intoxication! As for the sprinkles, I don’t have a special secret really. I feel like this question is hard for me to answer since I don’t really make stacked cakes. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the cake! I never get tired of baking so adding this to one of my favorite recipe. And stack? Your email address will not be published. Perfect for all your celebrations and holidays! Am I overmixing it maybe? I imagine you could. I am old enough to be your mother. Thanks. For the chocolate, you could try the layers of this cake. Its moist but doesn’t fall apart as well as not losing the vanilla flavor. Please take things easy. Thankyou so much! Which led me to many of your recipes. It’s probably the most classic cake ever in my book. Traditional white cake with vanilla buttercream reminds me of when we celebrate birthdays, weddings, showers or even when we’re couch potatoes in the comfort of our own homes when we feel like a bit of sweet, delicious indulgence. Vanilla Cake. I’ve never even heard of baking a cake on the stove. I don’t think there’s an error. It wasn’t dry or anything.. just a little bready! I‘be tried this recipe three times and 2 out of the 3 times I’ve ended up with a pound cake. If so, do you suggest how long to cook for? If you don’t do this, you end up with maybe 6 or so large bubbles on the cake surface that go brown, and more unsightly large air pockets in the crumb. I’ve never had that happen with any of my regular 8 inch cakes. Butter three 9 inch cake pans and dust the inside with flour and tap out excess. This cake is a little more dense and might be a better option. Sometimes you can find her sprinkles in local specialty cake decorating stores. To make the adjustment, reduce the flour to 1 3/4 cup (228g) and add 3/4 cup (85g) of cocoa. I’m not sure on the baking time since I haven’t used 9 inch pans for this recipe. Also, what is the difference using salted and unsalted butter in frosting ? Now it says “2 1/2 cup (325 grams) but 325 grams is 1 1/2 cups so now I’m trying to make this cake and I don’t know how much flour it actually needs. I think I will try this one for a change. They always look so sparkly and happy and pretty on your cakes!! That sometimes came out on tje dry side…. It came out really nice. Anyway, thanks for al the great recipes and tips! One question, is it a typo on the calories per slice? Before I get into this one, let’s review the old ones. Can I replace the Vegetable oil with canola oil? Can I substitute the milk with buttermilk? Thank you . That would be fine. . I love the cake idea, but I was wondering whether I could use a different frosting recipe? Thank you SO much for putting this gorgeous recipe out there in the world for us all to enjoy, So glad you enjoyed it! Prepare three 8 inch cake pans with parchment paper circles in the bottom and grease the sides. I used one entire bag of C and H powdered sugar, about six-seven cups. Not to sweet, because the cake is not to sweet. Can sprinkles be added to this cake batter like in your funfetti cake recipe? I’ve been dying for a moist and fluffy flavorful vanilla cake and this might be it. the recipe shows 4 eggs. 2 1/2 cups of flour is 325 g. That is the correct measurement for the flour. Thank-you again, have a great day x. I wonder if you struggled at all with vanilla cakes when you were first starting out, and if you have any tips that could help me? But this one reminds me of the old fashioned yellow vanilla cake. Thanks. Still good on Day, Cheesecake recipe, sponge cake, vanilla cake, I love hearing how you went with my recipes! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe looks amazing! And if so how much. I’m not sure if I’ve frozen these layers before. Hi Lindsay I was wondering if I use cake flour in this recipe would it still be the same outcome. Coloring the layers should be fine too – I just usually suggest using gel icing color as opposed to food coloring so that you don’t add too much liquid to the batter. I would have no idea what to do, LOL. I’d leave the vanilla and add some instant espresso granules. Delicious. Thank you!

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