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He thought as he continued to stroke her. She can only hope that she won't fall... DISCLAIMER: I do not own Spider-Man or any other Marvel characters. "He could be better… you deserve better, Sue." Since that time, certain feelings and emotions had become revealed. Floored that he actually got a date with a superhero celebrity like the Invisible Girl, Peter spent the next few hours with his head in the clouds. But what he didn't know was what was up with Sue, he had been asked to join the team out of respect for Johnny and most of the time, it was either him and Sue or him and Ben. In this Season 3 never happens. She had stopped smiling. Probably my only one, come to think of it.". He asked, hopeful that she would make the compromise. His eyebrows rose in concern. Peter only nodded his head. When you gave me that picture of the Fantastic Four, and Franklin, I knew, right then I knew. he said with a fair amount of pride, though mostly regret. She stated plainly. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. The story took place in Kurt Busiek’s Untold Tales of Spider-Man Annual 1996, which told stories about Spidey’s early superhero career, back when he was still in high school. "But when you don't leave, bad things happen too. Peter bowed his head slightly, suddenly aware that he was lightly blushing. He rubbed her back soothingly as he continued to hold her. He left her breasts and stared into her eyes as his left hand had stopped at her lacy panties. A thin white stripe was present on both sides of his body, running up and down the outsides of his legs and arms. She's become an expert at balancing her academics and her hobbies; a master at hiding where she goes at night and why she's skipping classes. I… I'm tired, I'm just tired. "Come inside me! Peter just stared at her, wondering to himself how in the world he could have ended up with such a goddess. Peter meanwhile was doing the same to her. "When you died saving Franklin, I realized just how much I cared for you. "I love you, Peter!" It's also a miniature library and electronics repair shop. (Y/n) was always seemed invisible to the one person she always admired the most: Peter Parker. All those belong to Marvel Studios. she yelled and hugged him close. Categories chosen for name selection. Peter nodded. He has enough to deal with without actively travelling to different galaxies in search of adventure, he is still regarded as a street level hero despite everything he's done. Always around, but few ever noticed. When Reed died, things were never the same for the Fantastic Four. But I didn't want Sue to cheat and Peter to come between a marriage, it would never happen. She gave the apartment the once-over. She only accepted it. he asked. Sue moaned softly, barely able to speak now. No wonder you were so reluctant. (F/n) works part time in the family's sports shop and is the delivery girl. She was, after all the most powerful member of the Fantastic Four. "How do I look?" She reminded him as he looked down at his costume. The reason being was that he had lost all of his family, his girlfriend, nearly all of his friends, and even his reputation at the hands of his most hated enemies. she moaned as her knees buckled from the stimulation. 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I think it looks pretty cool," Peter admitted, feeling out the costume. Spider-Man’s even attended several of Ben Grimm’s famous poker games and once led an entirely new Fantastic Four team that helped take down Thanos in an alternate timeline. Peter caught her and lifted her into the air. "Peter? So... any song about overcoming the odds pretty much, oh and I misunderstood your request. She was your lover?" Thanks for both of your reviews! To tell me.". Come in." Exhaustion took them both as they held each other securely. It will turn your dreams on becoming a guardian crushed. He could feel them getting firmer with each stroke of his hand and continued massaging them, stroking the nipples with his thumbs. Sue was a bit stunned, but smiled. Sue bucked her hips up against his downward movements, and Peter thrust deeply within her each time they came together. The rest of the night continued to go downhill. she asked. Are you okay?" © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Just then there was a knock at the door. Not one of his usually bad ones but one of the real stinkers from Johnny's view, yet Susan, who hadn't smiled once since Reed's death, responded with genuine, good-spirited laughter. Suddenly, as if he could feel something wrong, Peter woke up, threw his blanket off and jumped to his feet. Past her chest to her stomach, her hips and down to her legs. A few of his favorite movies next to it. Otherwise Sue would be able to defeat nearly every super-person in New York (with exceptions of course) at the same time, her concentration has limits, and I think the farther away from her body, the harder it is for her to sustain the force field. His hands moved, as if on their own, and slowly touched her breasts causing them to jiggle slightly. Most hero's gather together to fight for victory, fighting and protecting gets involved. At the time, Spider-Man had a regular feud going on with the Human Torch and came up with a brilliant way to get under Johnny’s skin – ask his sister out on a date! Not even a little bit?" The pair sat around most of the night and just talked and ate pizza. That wasn't the case for them now, though. Peter bent down and quickly took one of her rosy nipples into his mouth. I'll have to repay him later. Sue raised her brow. While he lives his life, like most 17 year old boys in this world of tight super suits, he’s crushing hard on the lethal Black Widow, and the regrettably married Invisible Woman. Spider-Man came to the Baxter Building at Human Torch's request to help deal with a Doctor Doom matter. What did your sister say about flying in the house? More theory than experience. You're the first to laugh at one of my jokes!". Which Peter could safely say with confidence considering it was Johnny, they had laughed a lot. Her innocent giggling turned into full-fledged guffaws, causing Johnny and Ben to widened their eyes at her. Quiet minutes passed between them, until Peter broke the silence. We knew that nothing bad would happen to him if we left him in your care.". Peter crouched over her healthy form and just stared at her for a few seconds, drinking in the exquisite beauty before him. He muttered as Sue opened the fridge to peer inside. He explained to her that he had Jonn Jonzz and Jean Grey scan his mind for an appropriate image of the FF and sent it into Colossus's mind so that he could draw it up for her Christmas present. The shape and overall edges were blocky, resembling the Future Foundation style. She tucked and pulled at her blue jeans until she reached her level of comfort. Browse through and read the invisible man fanfiction stories and books. Strong, smart, compassionate, funny. They sat in silence for a couple more minutes, until Peter decided to be more direct. A small table was next to it, and next to that was a closet with a dresser inside it. Forum Posts. That is excusable, under the circumstances I think. The blanket covered him from the waist down, and Sue could see his exposed torso. Your sister's hot. he whispered, his heart beating loudly in his ears. Of all the members of the Fantastic Four, she had taken a shine to Peter the most. Sue tried to say something but couldn't get the words out. Feel free to correct me, I don't know everything about comics. You should know, you married fantastic." I'm surprised no one has made these threads yet, so far, only one or two of my threads have been done before as far as I know. I mean you've taken on Annihilus, Blaastar, Dr Doom, Galactus, The Skrulls and still made it home in time to tuck in Franklin. He simply asked. Spider-Man's relationship with the Fantastic Four is practically mandatory, it has to be there. One of the best when it came to science and diplomacy but his family didn't seem to think so, there had been many times when Peter had been the one to talk to the Richards kids, instead of their father. 0. Peter was the best guy his eyes, so he knew she was in good hands. Peter once more inquired. "Peter, it's fine. Fantastic, Reed Richard and the Sub-Mariner during their entire date! He scanned the room and saw Sue standing in the doorway to his room. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Her hands alternated between clawing at the sheets of the bed and fondling her own breasts. Susan's crystal blue eyes locked with his ebony lenses for a moment, her hands were uselessly rubbing the sides of her arms in anxiety. Meanwhile, his hands moved down to trace the sides of her body. Peter balled his white and black fists. He didn't bother following after her, he figured she needed some time to herself. He reasoned he had taken it because it reminded him of working at the Daily Bugle in his own world. I hope everyone enjoyed this story and will leave me lots of reviews. A one-stop shop for all things video games. You could be living like Clark does."

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