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Visitors also can join their local counterparts cycling in Florida, along with runners and walkers on the Four Freedoms Trail – a 12-mile paved rails-to-trails path closed to motorists. In western Texas, winds from the Gulf of Mexico will cause headwinds for eastbound riders. “That was my reward,” Banks remembered later. Southeast of town, there is a viewing platform from which the mysterious orbs known as the “Marfa Lights” phenomenon can sometimes be seen. There are two mountain passes in New Mexico, the highest being Emory Pass at 8,228 feet, which is also the route's highest point. The adventure begins in San Diego, CA and ends 45 days later in St. Augustine, FL. We hope your cycling route allows you time to get a little rest and relaxation here at our campground. Sign up and get new stories and inspiration delivered right to you. For Banks – an associations manager from Arlington, Va., who had set out on a midlife journey to cycle from Austin, Texas, to St. Augustine – one of the highlights of the trip was the hospitality he experienced at The Unity House. Florida Bicycle Safari riders tour the roads around Madison. DeFuniak Springs, FL to St. Augustine, FL (390.9 mi. The route travels through the Yuha Desert and the below-sea-level, irrigated Imperial Valley, before splitting the Algodones Dunes Wilderness Area in half. Prepare for a southern-style, cross-country ride on our shortest, most accessible transcontinental trip. Puglia Region of Italy 2019 (Experience Plus). One of the five bedrooms upstairs holds a brown mahogany queen-sized rococo bed, an Art Deco mirror and antique lamps. Madison County Chamber of Commerce & Tourism If you want to know more about the trip, go read my ride logs. Bicyclists ride a section of the Four Freedoms trail that rolls for 12 miles from the center of Madison. If the ferry is closed due to inclement weather, you will have to take the alternate route through Mobile. Welcoming him there with her serene presence was owner Linda Barnes, a former university administrator in Miami, who had refurbished the two-story 1890-era Victorian house. El Paso, TX to Del Rio, TX (432.6 mi. The Southern Tier Bicycle Route is one of the cross-country cycling routes mapped out by Adventure Cycling. In Arizona, snowbirds abound as the route travels through Phoenix and its surrounding communities. At the end of the paved trail, a pebbled path slopes down past picnic tables to a wooden walkway leading to benches and a lookout point over the rushing current of the Withlacoochee River. See our blog post When to Ride: Southern Tier for more information on timing. First of all, they have parishes instead of counties. ), 5. We will always have a spot for you. For more information about cycling tours and facilities in Madison: The Southern Tier route offers challenging terrain right from the start, with some longer climbs leaving San Diego all the way up to the Tecate Divide, about 72 miles east of the Pacific Ocean. Marfa, a small desert town in west Texas, is known as an arts hub. The sun was dropping lower in the sky behind him as Thomas Banks pedaled along the hills of US. The adventure begins in San Diego, CA and ends 45 days later in St. Augustine, FL. Hot showers, good wifi and some really good food to recharge your batteries. Note that snow can occur at any time in the higher elevations in the Southwest during the winter, and the highest pass in New Mexico is over 8,000 feet. Finding The Unity House around the corner from Madison’s main street offerings of antique stores and barber shops, Banks walked into a “zen-like” abode, where the original hardwood floors gleamed a rich, dark brown, topped at points with oriental throw rugs, sofas and Queen Anne chairs around fireplaces. Whether cyclists choose to camp for the night at a local campground or head to one of two bed-and-breakfast establishments – The Unity House in downtown Madison or Grace Manor in nearby Greenville – they will likely pass Madison’s numerous Victorian, Federal-style, and pine clapboard mansions dating back 100 years and more, and the gazebo and fountain at Four Freedoms Park. For instance, there is the Loop, which goes more than 100 miles around the perimeter of the county. Miles earlier, an older group of cyclists – a jovial foursome in their late 60s and 70s – had told him about a great place to stay with even better food. In Austin, make sure you go hear some of the diverse music available at the nightclubs on Sixth Street. The 273-mile stretch from Van Horn to Comstock, Texas, calls for specific planning and carrying of food and water. Tier Five - Texas, Louisiana & Mississippi, Tier Six - Mississippi, Alabama & Florida. The route ends in St. Augustine, a city full of interesting buildings and the Castillo de San Marcos, a fort that has guarded the city's waterfront for over three centuries. The route is rich in human culture and history — ranging from the Spanish and Mexican influences in California, to the ancient indigenous pueblo cultures in Arizona and New Mexico, to the imprint of the Spanish conquistadors in Texas, to the bayous and French influences of Louisiana, to the Old South of Mississippi and Alabama, to a four-hundred-year-old city in Florida. (850) 973-2788. The living rooms of The Unity House Bed & Breakfast often host bicyclists traveling through the area. New Roads, LA to DeFuniak Springs, FL (432.2 mi. 145 to the Georgia border. After climbing east from San Diego and topping out at 3,890 feet at the Tecate Divide, you'll enter desert country. But for the cross-country sort who must stay focused on the source of their next meal or place to lay their head, Madison is also a beacon of comfort. From there it's a ferry ride across Mobile Bay to Gulf Shores and some of the whitest beaches in the world. Southern Tier Bike Route. “After a long day of cycling, standing under that shower was amazing,” Banks said. The Southern Tier Bicycle Route is one of the cross-country cycling routes mapped out by Adventure Cycling. He would continue for an additional 100 miles of pedaling under the sun, unexpected encounters with interesting and helpful people, of watching for lunging yard dogs and potentially crash-inducing glass and stones in the road, before reaching that triumphant moment of dipping his tire in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. As an official stop on the Adventure Cycling Association’s Southern Tier bike route from San Diego to St. Augustine, Madison unfolds its welcome mat for incoming cyclists on Route 90, which goes right through the heart of town. In September and May, there still might be some very hot weather to contend with at either end of the route. All throughout the home, Barnes has expertly decorated the public spaces and five bedrooms with an eclectic mixture of art, from antiques bought at nearby shops to Art Deco pieces. We use cookies on our website to enhance your experience. It winds north from the city of Madison to the county’s border with Georgia. The Adventure Cycling Association's "Southern Tier" bike route. Some campgrounds will charge a cyclist traveling alone less if they have hiker/biker sites, but often they will charge the price of a regular tent or RV site, and that can easily be $10-$30/night. I met 21 independent Southern Tier riders and 18 riders on other routes or just part of the Southern Tier. There are two mountain passes in New Mexico, the highest being Emory Pass at 8,228 feet, which is also the route's … As you travel through central Texas, the terrain starts to feel like the Alps, but this is actually the famous "hill country." Section 5, New Orleans, Baton Rouge (Louisiana) Spur, Section 5, Audobon State Historic Site and Oakley Plantation, Section 6, Fort Gaines and Fort Morgan Historic Sites, Section 6, USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park, Mobile Bay Alternate, Section 6, St. Augustine, Florida, oldest continuously occupied European-established city and port in the continental U.S.,  Section 7. Adventure Cycling Association inspires, empowers and connects people to travel by bicycle. The crowd is speaking English, but you can't understand the words. On scenic two-lane roads, cyclists pass under canopies of oak trees dripping Spanish moss and stream by green fields full of cows, horses or goats, with plenty of places to rest, such as the Cherry Lake General Store. La Mesilla Historic District, a National Historic Landmark, Amistad National Recreation Area, Section 3, Mamou, Louisiana, "The Cajun Music Capital of the World." VISIT FLORIDA® is the Official Florida Tourism Industry Marketing Corporation. ), 3. Our routes sometimes go through national forests (moreso in the west) and you are allowed to camp anywhere on national forest land as long as you "pack it in, pack it out." He would relish the meal, accompanied by a bowl of fresh fruit topped by a minty lime zest and homemade banana bread with honey butter. You'll be riding through dry, sparsely populated ranch country where every town will be a welcome sight. Now, with almost 100 miles of cycling behind him for the day, 49-year-old Banks powered up and down the last sloping grades, oblivious to the green fields of pines and majestic oak trees gliding by him, as he thought of one thing: the warm bed and hot shower that awaited him in Madison. The opinions expressed in the getaway ideas, Floridians' Favorites and readers' comments do not necessarily represent those of VISIT FLORIDA. The scenery varies greatly across Florida, from the historic coastal city of Pensacola to the alligator-filled waters of the area around Palatka. Bicyclists ride a canopied section of the Four Freedoms trail that rolls from the center of Madison, Fla. paralleling S.R. Mississippi offers rural riding all the way into Alabama, where the route crosses a bridge to Dauphin Island. ), 7. ), 6. Navasota, TX to New Roads, LA (388.5 mi. ), Anza Borrego Desert State Park, Section 1, Cibola National Wildlife Refuge, Section 1, Besh Ba Gowah Archeological Park, Section 2, Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument, Gila Cliff Dwellings Alternate, Section 2. The Southern Tier Bicycle Route is our shortest cross-country route and offers a wide variety of terrain, vegetation, climate, and people all the way across the nation from the Pacific to the Atlantic. In California, dry easterly winds predominate in the fall, blowing west from the desert. Madison County Chamber of Commerce & Tourism, Madison, Florida: A Stop on the Southern Tier Bike Route. After Banks’ shower and meal at one of the local eateries recommended by Barnes – the Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant – he was ready for a well-deserved rest. The Southern Tier route offers challenging terrain right from the start, with some longer climbs leaving San Diego all the way up to the Tecate Divide, about 72 miles east of the Pacific Ocean. Traveling right through the middle of Cajun country, in places like Mamou, a stop in a cafe is a trip unto itself. By continuing on our website, you consent to our use of cookies. Of the 21 Southern Tier riders, 5 were riding solo (with the rest in pairs) and 8 were riding east-to-west. The route took us through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, totaling almost 3,000 miles on the bike. The Besh Ba Gowah Archeological Park in Globe, though off route, is very interesting. Of the 39 independent riders, 10 were under 55 and 10 were women. If you are doing a winter trip, remember that you will have short daylight hours. All material © 2001-2020 by VISIT FLORIDA®, all rights reserved. For instance, there is the Loop, which goes more than 100 miles around the perimeter of the county. Be aware that hurricanes can occur from July through November along the Gulf Coast of the Florida panhandle and can also hit the Atlantic seaboard. The maps list churches that have opened their doors to cyclists, but they aren't all that closely spaced. © 1997-2020 Adventure Cycling Association, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Mississippi River Levee construction updates, 1. The content for this web site has been provided both by professional travel writers and by individual consumers. We love our bikers. Try to hear some lively Cajun music if you have the time. Texas dominates this route, taking up an entire third of the mileage. Learn more in our Cookie Notice and our Privacy Policy. Many times cyclists – from Canada, Ireland, Scotland, other parts of the United States and elsewhere – have a favorite room at The Unity House and request it on their next trip back through Madison while they're cycling in Florida.

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