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Although it doesn't heal his cuts or shot wounds but he can still fight." "FIVE DAYS?!" ", Cardin: (confused) "Bus driver? (He jumps over the railing and landed safely as he takes out his weapon. said a sympathetic Sun. said a scared Jaune. He couldn't say no because he never breaks a girl's heart.). said a nervous Jaune. EVER SINCE THE FIRST DAY, YOU'VE ACTED LIKE A COLD-HEARTED BITCH TOWARDS ME AND JAUNE! ), (Hazel shrugs and takes the garbage with him as Nora arrives. Do what must be done. ), (Everyone heard him and went in to celebrate. TO THINK WE TRUSTED YOU, STAY AWAY FROM JAUNE! When Weiss tries to ignore Ruby in the hopes of finding a better option for a teammate, she runs into the still-pinned Jaune. You wouldn't make me angry, would you? (Jaune takes the order and he is shown wearing a white t-shirt, a red tie, and brown shorts with a black belt.). You have us now." He might do the same but not to ruin someone's mental health. Atlas has been destroyed but Mantle has been spared. (When the smoke cleared out of the way, they are being chased by a giant stampede of bulls.). said the serious host. "Juniper, is that you?" Jaune wanders through the locker room, exclaiming that his locker number was too high and hinting that he may have forgotten where he put his belongings. said an angry Whitley at the sight of their father. "They're planning a heist." However, Jaune seems more aggressive. You don't want to make a mess in front of the chancellor. (They go over to Ren but Jaune couldn't bring himself to kick his best friend out. HuntsMan? "Oh Neptune why?" Nebula was the only girl who felt bad and tried to be with him. Everyone looked disgusted at the sight while Jaune and Nora glares at the guy in hatred. The other reason for this is because Ironwood found out about Jaune's fake transcripts and wanted him eliminated. Honor. He reappears briefly after the welcoming speech when Weiss Schnee mockingly points to him in her conversation with Ruby and Yang. "Has he heard of saying excuse me?" said a grinning Nora. said an also disgusted Raven. The Arc Family smiled at the sight of the boy as a young child. yelled a scolding Glynda, making Jaune sigh in relief. (The video starts with a office building being shattered by two clowns. The doors on the left and right lead to exact replicas of your rooms, food is provided on the various shelves, and time doesn't pass here, so you won't miss any classes. ", Old Man: (annoyed) "Hey you crazy kids, keep it down. asked a confused Yang. (he then writes the order and gives it to the fry cook) One Krabby Patty with extra onions. His sword is strapped to his left hip in a sheath that doubles as a collapsible shield. (They take off their hooded robes and face each other. Ironwood and Winter were suspicious. That word. said an enraged Blake. (Blake flinched before Ruby glared at Yang) AS FOR YOU, YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A HOT-HEADED BULLY WHO ALWAYS BEATS UP PEOPLE OVER SOMETHING STUPID AS FUCKING HAIR AND GETS MAD AT JAUNE OVER FAKE TRANSCRIPTS! asked a curious Ren. She is like Blake and always acts bored but loves Jaune and is overprotective over him. Summer, Glynda, and Cinder are Jaune's aunts in this one, making Jaune the cousin of Ruby Rose (on Summer's side), Oscar Pine (adopted by the Rose/Xiao-Long Family), Cardin Winchester (on Glynda's side), and Neo (on Cinder's side). Everyone was curious about it. ), (Jaune crouches over him and slides a grenade into Mercury's mouth as he yelled the last word.). His screams were nothing but that of a broken man who had nothing left to live for, then the look in his eyes as that woman looked down at him on his knees. Obviously uninterested in partnering with him, Weiss turns around and decides to go with Ruby instead, leaving him hanging both literally and figuratively. ), (They are starting to angrily leave but they are blocked by an emergency gate. said a serious A, making her sigh in relief. Meanwhile, Jaune and Nebula both started dating and became parents to Caira. The girls found her adorable. "I may be an assassin but I would never leave little siblings out in the cold because of a lie." ), (Jaune swings down from the sky, carrying Magnhild, while wearing a mask, Ruby's cape, and Ember Cecila. ", Salem: (worried) "My dear Jaune, are you alright? This was before he decided to become a Huntsman." as Winter went eye wide in shock.). asked a serious Jaune. asked a disgusted Weiss. They went to her team and she ran to them. I have prepared many videos for the eight of you to watch, showing events that take place in the past and future. When Jaune questioned her, Salem said she remembered her and Ozpin holding their daughter Juniper and have faith that their grandchild would be a hero, meaning that Jaune Arc is the grandson of Ozpin and Salem.). Sheele- World of Akame Ga Kill 6. "How is he alive from that?" (He then evily laughs at him as the customers glare at him for rubbing victory in someone's face.). "Wait, isn't Cardin the leader of Team CRDL?" The White Fang were satisfied with the death of that monster. said a wincing A, knowing how painful broken glass is. said an angry Nora, not liking how the bully is insulting her boyfriend. Anyone would ever meet. (Mercury, Emerald, and Neo tried to kill him but surprisingly Cinder, Hazel, and Roman respectively held them back and calmed them down, despite wanting to kill the fat bastard for tormenting someone that cooks for them.). ", Oscar: (frowning) "Not so fast, Bubble Ass. ", William: (scowling) "I sense great fear in you, Skywalker. ", Jaune (flashback): (smiling) "Here's some more trash for you to throw away. "Has this happen before?" Now obviously I ate the chips, salt and vinegar. yelled an angry Coco. (When he finishes eating, he evily smirks.). "I want some of that action. I WILL SHOW HIS LITTLE WEAK ASS WHO'S A LITTLE BITCH!' "Says the bitch who barely cares for family and is a tomboy." Jaune heard him and smiled at his reflection in the spatula.). JAUNE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW YOU! The host even showed them a pic and they saw how hard it was to make. (Our video starts with Jaune, Ren, and some people reaching towards two doors but they open to reveal Adam as Darth Maul again and he is staring at them. After bringing everyone to the theater, the host appears. Jaune groans, obviously knowing what's going to happen. DO I LOOK LIKE SOMEONE WHO WOULD LET THIS GO?! However, Jaune surprisingly glared at her in hatred and she flinched. (However, Pyrrha is force choked by Adam, who had returned and scowls at the worried Jaune. "Yeah, there is no way that Jaune messed up!" (He was irritated that the others are just letting this happen. "Kali, stay away from my son." Everyone felt bad for him and glared at Ironwood and Winter. ", Cardin: (scoffs) "Yeah? 1 Note 2 School Outfits: 3 Original Pairings 4 Prologue: Home Alone 5 Chapter 1: Child Jaune 6 Chapter 2: Chibi Jaune 7 Chapter 3: Spider-Man vs. Darth Maul 8 Chapter 4: Why So Serious? They actually did try to talk to him but couldn't find the right time. asked a curious Pyrrha. (Cardin walks in and Dove remarks on the safety features. ", Mercury: (not impressed) "What? That destroyed his crush on her and realized that she's just a cold-hearted bitch.). said an angry A, hating Jacques with every fiber of his being. Jaune blushed at what she said and Yang chuckled but does love him romantically and is upset that Pyrrha or Nebula don't share. (Team FNKI was sent to kill them but Jaune's grandfather Sterling managed to find out and fought them by killing three members of that team before going to fight the leader. However, he saw her trickery and put her in it. (Jaune grabs William's saber and puts the saber together into a scissor form to subdue William, who kneels in defeat. said a worried Nora. (Neo tried to search for pickles but sadly couldn't find any. (then he looks confused) Glynda is a...", Jaune (flashback): (smiling) "Morning Uncle Tai. (Yang started crying before Ruby glares at Pyrrha) PYRRHA, YOU CLAIM TO LOVE HIM AND HE TRUSTED YOU BUT THEN YOU BECOME THIS FAME HUNGRY BITCH WHO JUST LEAVES HIM BECAUSE YOU SAW HIM AS WEAK! ), (She hugged him and he hugged her back. (Luckily, the shield deactivated and Ren continues the fight with Adam but the shields activate again and block Jaune, who ends up watching the fight.). (A few minutes skip ahead and we can see what they're doing: Jaune is just standing there, Ren is mediating, and Adam is walking around impatiently.). The room she's entered is not theirs, in fact the very structure of this new room is too big to fit within the space their room used to be. Seems impossible, but with enough dedication and a good crowd to be around it doesn't seem that impossible. Additionally, he wears black gloves with gold-colored metal armor plates over his fingers, and he appears to wear a red sash around his waist, similar in design to the late Pyrrha Nikos. Her and the team now have a crush on him. You won't be able to leave until you've watched everything. Meanwhile with the headmasters, there reactions are different: the new headmistress Glynda is keeping Jaune, Ironwood puts out a hit on him so he won't be a threat, Lionheart wants Jaune captured alive for the White Fang, and Theodore requests a bounty on Jaune with a total of 500 grand for him dead and a million alive so he can teach him some manners first for fucking his students. said the host. ), (Ren looks at him annoyed but focused on the fight.). (they ran off like cowards) Chickens. After finishing, he comes out of the kitchen with a rancid breath so bad that Zwei gets knocked out from it.). They went in and found a sleeping blonde child.). (The prologue starts with a 8-year-old Jaune Arc innocently having a mac and cheese dinner on a winter holiday.). "He's like a little brother that a girl can ever ask for." (Our video starts with a ship heading towards Remant. ", (She didn't know his secret but could tell he's too scared to reveal it. (The next day, Ozpin was proud of the progress but got worried for Jaune and decided to visit him because his vacation is taking too long.). ", Tai (flashback): (also smiling) "Good morning Jaune. Everyone got worried when they saw that look. That guy is worst than scum." Turns out he's been pulling this scam in all kingdoms but thanks to Jaune and Oscar, he can be brought to justice. ), (However, the canister broke and the symbiote surrounds Jaune's body, turning his suit black. Jaune realizes that she is out of his league, but brightens up once more when Pyrrha exclaims that Jaune would actually make a good leader. "Well, that was a clear sky." However, Ruby, Pyrrha, Whitley, CFVY, Sun, Jasmine, Ozpin, and Goodwitch were nervous because they know about it.

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