port orford cedar vs western red cedar

While there may be some physical property differences like strength and density, these are actually quite small and usually chocked up to being a different grade of material. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. If you install the boards wrong, you can cause the life of the siding to shorten because of defects. This cedar gets its color because it is grown on the coast on Oregon and California, which allows it to have high definition knots and intense wood grain. This means every board will lay flat, straight, and hold onto fasteners. If cedar is painted or stained, the color will naturally fade and need to be touched up. My opinion of port orford cedar is that it will not sound like red cedar at all since it is denser and stiffer and not a cedar at all but a cypress. I was also wondering what you would suggest for an interior trim product? Yellow cedar is stronger and has a harder surface; but it is prone to shrinkage move­ment, so it is best purchased kiln-dried. When you are requesting CVG (clear vertical grain) Cedar, this is the lumber you are most likely getting. Cedars have very typical "scale-like" leaves that can grow on flattened sprays or all around the twig. Port Orford Cedar, like any other wood, has a range of colors. There are many different options to choose from, from standard shingle panels, corner systems to tie everything in together. Note: all pictures are meant for a general grade description. (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Cedar has larger pores, which means you will want to use primer so keep the paint from soaking into the wood and affecting the color. We are going to dive into each type of most commonly used cedar products, the good and the bad, things to watch out for, and answer some frequently asked questions. The greener variety is a better wood from my experience. Use an oil-based primer on the back of the siding and if moisture starts to build up the primer will keep the siding from warping. I find it tougher to carve and more resistant to denting than red cedar, at lest the pieces I have used. Ask your contractor before the project begins and see what inspiration they can give. In Colorado, tongue and groove is best for keeping the elements of harsh temperatures, moisture and more from getting behind the boards and affecting your siding. As a woodworker, furniture maker, podcaster, blogger, teacher, and Director of Marketing for one of the oldest Lumber companies in the country, he really can't stop talking about wood and the beautiful ways it can be used. Cedars have "cones" that can be variable in size, some are woody while others are more fleshy and berry-like. One side of the siding is rough and textured, while the other side is smooth. Knotty grades are used primarily on housing and light construction where wood is exposed for its beauty and character. Cedar is a very versatile wood that is perfect for any environment and any project that comes your way. All cedar treatments, like house paint, have pigments and solids and the more pigmented the color is, the longer the cedar will last. The wood siding shown in this picture is select tight knot channel, that was also selected for color trim. Water stains are a result of mildew and discoloration like we mentioned above, however water stains are much harder to remove than mildew so you want to avoid this as much as you can. This is mostly due to the high rainfall amounts which the Coastal Cedar trees receive that evens out the early and late growth seasons. Tried alder but too many knots. The Country Clinic The clinic was built by Jerry Laverty, and Laverty Construction, a longtime customer. These small leaves are persistent, decussate, less than 1/2 inch and can be prickly on some species. Knowing the differences will save you a lot of heartache when trying to find the right material for your next project. I can’t really classify it in the context of this article since it is a different species completely. Regarding trim I can recommend many products. Too bad because I own hundreds of trees, which grow like weeds here in Maine. Western Red Cedar is what we mainly offer but there are three other species of western cedars that are worthy of mention and you will find them here as well. The lowest grades are useful in applications where economy is the basic requirement. The lowest grades are useful in applications where economy is the basic requirement. Out of all the wood species, cedar has the smallest effect on the environment along with being renewable and biodegradable. The cedars are nice for small boat planking (tradisional), but usually too light for larger craft, say over 30' … It is probably the hardest and heaviest of the “cedars” though like most of them is actually in the Cypress family. Shiplap is durable, versatile, and super easy to install. If you want to see a more defined grade image, please let us know. Cedar is a species of wood that is commonly used for a lot of construction, DIY, and home improvement projects such as decking, fencing and siding. Two examples of cedar lumber that are commonly used are Western Red Cedar and Port Orford Cedar, both of which have similar attributes but differences that make them stand out from one another. The main difference between Port Orford Cedar and Western Red Cedar is the blonde coloration that it portrays. Cedar smells so good because of the natural oils and other chemicals present in the wood. You can use a lighter stain and accentuate the wood grain of the cedar, but the darker you go the more you will be covering up. Once you know how dark or light you want to go, you can start with the process of staining. Incense cedar is very light in color and comes off of the planer very smooth. Coastal Cedar is most commonly referred to as Western Red, and it will grow in coastal British Columbia and coastal Washington, Oregon, and even California. Sought after by boat builders and finish carpenters and sometimes hard to obtain. Inspect your siding every so often and make sure there are no boards that need to be repaired. You have to love how an organic product like wood keeps us on our toes! Specifically 45% stronger than Redwood or Western Red Cedar in impact bending and 30% stronger in crushing strength. All rights reserved. Even the exact same species when grown in different climates will present different lumber. The cost difference comes from an A grade to a C grade really. The most common size you will find channel rustic siding in is 1×6, 1×8, and 1×10. Since the tree doesn’t grow very large, it branches much more, which causes this knotty appearance. They are all yellow or white cedars and actually are variations of the cypress species of tree. That seemed like it worked but the picture seems to have vanished. Inland Cedar will not grow as large as Coastal Cedar due to a more arid climate and greater seasonal changes. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of just cedar as simply a species of wood. With cedar, you cut this out in its entirety. Follow the instructions when you are installing the boards. DeckingRailingFencingSidingBlue StainTimbersGranite, Denver LocationArvada LocationColorado Springs LocationAbout UsBlogPrivacy Policy, Rocky Mountain Forest Products » Everything Cedar, ©2020 Rocky Mountain Forest Products | Built by UZU Media. In tests for crushing strength, bending, shearing strength and side hardness, Port Orford outperformed all other Cedars and Redwood. This type of siding looks very natural but also looks great on a house that is in the mountains. Their native habitats are on the other side of the planet — in Mediterranean and Himalayan regions. Rust can either be reddish and brown or blue and black. They are all yellow or white cedars and actually are variations of the cypress species of tree. We have this premium appearance grade decking in 2×4, 2×6 kerf back, 4×4 clear, 4×4 knotty and 2×2 clear. They are graded in both appearance and clear grades. We have many types and species of wood products on site and can get just about anything but when it comes down to it we are all about cedar!

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