pointer bulldog mix

Highway 2 Motorcycle Accident, Alligator Crawler Dating Site, Pit Bull owners, however, are quick to state the loyal, loving and affectionate nature of their pets. Le ossa sono ovali, i tendini sono forti ed evidenti. August war es soweit, unsere Hündin Am 17ten August ist bei uns ein bunter Haufen Wepen zur Welt gekommen. Nessun allevamento da segnalare se vuoi sapere come segnalare il tuo, CLICCA QUI. Is Edward Carver Still Alive, During its lifetime your pet is exposed to many illnesses and diseases and some breeds are affected by a congenital disease which is a condition existing at birth.

Bulldogge-Labrador-Mix Rüde 3 Jahre . Watch The Amazing Spider Man 2012 123movies, Before investing in a Pointer Pit Bull mix puppy, it’s vital to do some homework and find a trustworthy breeder. While we really recommend that you acquire all animals through a rescue, we understand that some people might go through a breeder to get their Pointer Bulldog Mix puppy. Responsible breeders do this when selecting breeding pairs. Pointers are known to be fairly healthy dogs, although there are some conditions the breed are prone to. In addition, research suggests that canine aggression is a complex, multivariate issue which is influenced not only by breed, but by age, sex, reproductive status, general health and size, as well as by social factors, such as relationship to the victim, previous neglect or mistreatment, and socialization. Laney is the love of my life! BulldogHeight: 12 - 16 inches at the shoulderWeight: 40-55 lb.Lifespan: 8-10 yearsPointerHeight: 21 - 26 inches at the shoulderWeight: 35 - 70 lb.Lifespan: 12 - 14 years, Like all hybrids, you have to look to the parents to get a good read on how they will likely behave. She responds well to positive reinforcement, like all dogs. Is it more like the Bulldog or the Pointer? Amp Research Power Step Sagging, Our website uses cookies from third party services to improve your browsing experience. OcchiA uguale distanza dall’occipite e dal tartufo. The soul intent was always to create a better working and hunting dog. Your veterinarian can show you how. Like their parent breeds, the Pointer Pit Bull mix will have short, low-maintenance coats, in various colors. Il muso è alquanto concavo e termina a livello del tartufo, dando alla faccia un aspetto leggermente incavato. They claim that responsible breeding can reduce breed-specific genetic problems. È un cacciatore molto energico e calmo quando è a casa. It is important to know that a Pointer mix will be a high energy dog. Breeders should be happy to answer your questions, and to present the parent animals, as well as the puppies with their mother, for your inspection. Bulldog and Pointer sitting licking lips. Il Pointer attuale è presente da circa ottant’anni. Socialize them young so they know how to interact with other dogs. And don’t be afraid to rescue! Best dog ever.

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