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The episode primarily deals with the issues of homosexuality and the 5th commandment. I also think that many of the viewers of Moral Orel have had similar experiences as the man I mentioned above. There was enough on You Tube to make me feel sad for those who did watch the show. It really is sad, but the upshot is that it makes it all the more refreshing to find others that share the same zeal. Evidently the poster, lowellnarutofan, liked the episode because Joe beat gay kids with a bat in season 1. The IMBD (Internet Movie Database) website dilutes the anti-Christian negativity of “Orel” by describing it as, “a parody of past religious geared animated shows starring Orel, an optimistic God fearing young boy in a world of cynicism.” While the show is indeed a parody, “Orel” is anything but optimistic or God fearing. The ending of "Sundays". She takes some sandwiches and milk out of the refrigerator and sets them in front of her “family.” A prayer is said. | Wings of the Wind. The “Judas song” is not something to which children should be exposed. Orel is a naive and trusting child who tends to take things too literally, leading him into violent, absurd, or dangerous situations, such as performing necromancy and smoking crack. It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. This is the unofficial subreddit for for the life-changing pseudo-network [adult swim], which airs everyday from 8pm-6am EST on Cartoon Network. Since I don’t get the Cartoon Network, I’ll make you a deal. You do know that the show was canceled ages ago and all that’s airing is reruns and it comes on at around 1 or 2 in the AM? They deny any human urges, stay in loveless, toxic relationships out of a desire to “look good” and the tyrannical “matriarch” Ms. Censordoll even browbeats young ladies into picketing their own weddings as “sinful affairs”. The Reverend, realizing the mistake, gathers everyone back into the church, and proceeds to blame the whole event on Orel, along with many others. Moral Orel is an American adult stop-motion animated television series, which originally aired on Adult Swim from December 13, 2005 to December 18, 2008. it took me a looong time to get through season 1, but then season 2 really hooked me and holy shit season 3 was just incredible. Closeface is in the middle of 'depressing' series three and it's a beautiful, uplifting episode. It is after church on Sunday P.M, and I’m reviewing what I saw last night. Season one has a pretty basic format for every episode. You are making the same basic statement that some of them did. Crazy how the guy went from a bunch of skit television shows to Tom Goes To The Mayor, then to a show like Moral Orel, and then back to skit comedies. No more ‘Moral Orel,’ Please. I base this statement on the fact that, in 100% of public school science classrooms nationwide, our kids are taught one religious view about their origins. Young children are not developed enough to understand this type of material. 16 that He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with power through His Spirit in the inner man.

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