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Medicine Bow Peak (12,014ft) is the highest summit in the Snowy Range of Wyoming. There are walking trails and you can camp nearby. I am not a Republican. You are pretty much always near scenic vistas, with an absolutely stunning landscape all around you. Medicine Bow Peak is in the Snowy Range of Wyoming, which itself is a part of the Medicine Bow Mountains of Wyoming and Colorado. Medicine Bow Peak is in the Snowy Range of Wyoming, which itself is a part of the Medicine Bow Mountains of Wyoming and Colorado. I like finishing the hike with the gentle rolling gentle along the glacial lakes at the base of the mountain. The hike isn't long but it is steep. Skip to content. My trailhead of choice is the West Lake Marie Trailhead, leaving clockwise, and I use the Medicine Bow Peak Trail and Lakes Trail to make a roughly 7 mile long loop. From Lake Marie (west side), the trail climbs to the south ridge of Medicine Bow Peak and then follows that ridge to the summit. Aim for early morning climbs in the summer months to avoid storms (“below treeline by noon!” mantra), and for heavens sake, don’t wander out on snow on the cliffside – there probably isn’t land under some of that snow! Some of the main routes are covered below.Routes that are mostly on a trail:Via Lewis LakeThis is the shortest and easiest route up Medicine Bow Peak. © 2006-2020 The winter wonderland of Damüls Mellau offers runs to suit all abilities and exciting ski routes. You will find Snowy Range Ski Area nestled in the beautiful Medicine Bow National Forest. The Medicine Bow Yurt has an impressive view of Clark Peak as well as the entire Medicine Bow Range, with Bull Mountain to explore as your "backyard"! all on Map. You are the responsible party. "I am not a Democrat. There are a few ways to get you to Sheep Lake Trail, this particular one will take you to the trailhead via the Lewis Lake Trailhead near the picnic area. Still a solid day hike! There are many campgrounds in the area. Medicine Bow Peak is the highest peak in the Snowy Range, a part of the Medicine Bow Mountains, about 35 miles west of Laramie, Wyoming. COVID-19; Job Application; The Mountain. Given that this range is the furthest north extension of the Front Range it can hold snow longer into the summer, and have consistent freezes each spring night. Dipper Lake TrailheadI have not been to this trailhead, but from Highway 130, FR 103 heads north to a parking lot two miles from the highway. Wyoming Highway 130 is closed in the late fall/winter/spring months. Snowy Range’s high road access puts the pass on par with the other spring ski roads further south along the Front Range. Much of the range is located within the Medicine Bow National Forest in Wyoming. © Skiresort Service International GmbH. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Front Range Ski Mountaineering is released free of charge as a software in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The trailhead is another 1.5 miles along a 4wd road to Dipper Lake. A disjunct population of arctic fairy shrimp (Brachinecta paludosa) has been documented in a few lakes in the northern part of the range. ( Log Out /  Super fun hike and enjoyed my time up there by all means, the summit didn't feel very much like a summit though. The Medicine Bow Mountains resulted from continental compression during the Laramide Orogeny. Medicine Bow Peak has great views and the trail wanders right through a few beautiful lakes. The northern extent of this range is the sub-range the Snowy Range. Unfortunately, no members of the party are politicians." Notice the prominent saddle between Sugarloaf and Medicine Bow Peaks. It is also possible to park at the Mirror Lake area. Contact the Brush Creek Ranger Station:Brush Creek-HaydenSouth Hwy. It is also the highest mountain in Southern Wyoming. The Jewel Lake trail is also nearby for more trails to explore. Looking at Old Main and the surrounding couloirs from the pass between Sugarloaf Mountain and Medicine Bow Peak. It was gorgeous and fun and so cold at midnight in September. adventures and follow local regulations. From Lewis Lake, the trail heads west to the saddle between Sugarloaf and Medicine Bow and then climbs north to the ridge top. Much of the Lake Marie Route can be seen here. This page has high-level information on the backcountry skiing and splitboarding in the Southern Medicine Bow Mountains and the heart of Cameron Pass: Montgomery Pass, North Diamond Peak, South Diamond Peak, and Montgomery Pass. What may be traces of multicellular animals are preserved in this rock, making it of particular interest to paleontologists. Lots of places to pull over to stop and enjoy the view along the wcenic byway. Yes, both are spectacular. North Fork Campground lies along the banks of the North Fork of the Little Laramie River in the Medicine Bow National Forest. Both roads are just off State Highway 130 between Laramie and Saratoga. ( Log Out /  There are three main trailheads used for Medicine Bow Peak and one more one that is less used. Snow Survey Cabin is located 28 miles southeast of Saratoga, Wyoming, in the Snowy Range of Medicine Bow National Forest. This is a shorter route, but I find it to be a lot steeper as you’re going both up and down the steepest part. Did this as my first full moon night hike soon after I moved to WY from sunny CA. (75), Comments I’ve been up and down Medicine Bow Peak eight times since I was eight years old. Higher elevations will be much wetter as well. The range is home to Snowy Range Ski Area. Large and dome-shaped, Browns Peak is relatively steep on the sides, yet large and flat on top. Adventurer, road trip fanatic, photography geek, Iceland obsessed, Wyoming native, outdoor lover. The Medicine Bow Range is the northern rampart of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains and it runs for nearly100 miles from Cameron Pass in Colorado to Elk Mountain in Carbon County Wyoming. PLEASE check the weather and road conditions on the resources page for the most up to date information before your stay. All Rights Reserved. It is also the highest mountain in Southern Wyo… Lewis Lake TrailheadFrom the east, leave I-80 at Exit 311 and drive Highway 130 west to Centennial. There are good backcountry campsites around the lakes north of the area around Medicine Bow Peak. We started from the Lake Marie trailhead, which is the longest of the standard routes to the summit of Medicine Bow Peak. It is a lightening prone summit, and afternoon storms can build and roll in rapidly. Also, there is a lot of exposure, cornices of snow, and rocky trails. [3] Areas of scientific inquiry at the site include atmospheric pollutant deposition, forest carbon and water vapor cycling, effect of insect outbreaks, and alpine lake and stream hydrology. (195), Climber's Log Entries My elementary … Laramie Peak Area The Laramie Peak area is located in east central Wyoming, stretching from southeast of Casper to west of Wheatland. Read about it here  You can still see wreckage! ( Log Out /  Overview The highest peak on the Wyoming side is Medicine Bow Peak (12,013 feet (3,662 m)). The Snowies are visible from the Laramie area and the drive west on Highway 130. Baby Heidi on the summit in 1992 (my jean jacket was rocking!) There is camping in the area, though it can be very busy on weekend both in established campgrounds and dispersed areas. This weekend we were able to quickly access snow near the highway and travel on snow from north of the Libby Flats Overlook, the pullout on the first switchback north of the pass, and Lake Marie. The trail then climbs north to the ridge top. Lake Marie Trailhead and Mirror Lake TrailheadSince these two trailheads are closed together, the driving directions are nearly the same. © 2020 The Outbound Collective - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy. Call Us Today! It lies within Medicine Bow National Forest and is the highest point in southern Wyoming. Browns Peak is one of Medicine Bow Peak's most obvious nearby neighbors, located in Southeast Wyoming. Snowmobiling, skiing and snowshoeing are popular activities. The road is usually open by Memorial Day weekend, sometimes earlier, but easy access to Medicine Bow Peak will elude you for a little longer unless you have proper snow mountaineering equipment (ice axe, crampons, knowledge and skills) and/or are backcountry skiing. Besides some relatively easy routes of the mountain, the mountain also is host to many technical routes and couloir climbs.One of the area’s first fire lookouts used to adorn the peak, but little is left of it.

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