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There was, in effect, “an intensive care unit” in his home, Herzer concluded. Probably not. The picture painted in Herzer’s filing was bleak: Redstone was crying a lot for apparently no reason; he was basically unable to leave his mansion; he required a catheter to urinate and sleeping pills to sleep; he was unable to walk or stand by himself and had to be carried from the bedroom to the living room to the bathroom; he required around-the-clock nursing care. He’s old-school—he takes care of whoever he wants to take care of.”. But going public turned out to be a tactical mistake for the two women, setting off a chain of events that ended with both of them banished from Redstone’s life. The Kopelsons returned and the movie played, but Redstone was still not well and fell asleep. But does she love him? “It hurt,” he continues. She called Bishop’s cell phone, but Bishop did not pick up. “He continues to have my unequivocal support and trust, which he has earned over our many years together…. She would like to dispel the allegation that she prevaricated about giving his granddaughter Keryn Redstone permission to use his credit card to underwrite her move to Los Angeles in order to live with him. Holland has a complicated personal backstory, including a few failed businesses, one of which was a Los Angeles matchmaking service. Herzer was there, along with her brother Carlos. Viacom’s stock had fallen some 45 percent in 2015, the worst performer in the S&P 500 Media Index. “Mr. ). She said hello to Redstone, but he did not acknowledge her. Sumner Redstone and his family have agreed to settle their salacious legal battle with the ailing media tycoon’s former live-in girlfriend, Manuela Herzer. It was witnessed by Jagiello and another of Redstone’s nurses. Apparently, Herzer would like to use the visit to tell Redstone that she never lied to him, and that she has never done anything to hurt him. (According to her spokesperson, Shari Redstone is “not a party to this litigation” and declined to comment on the “settlement negotiations.”). They were talking with David Andelman, wrote Herzer, remembering the conversation: Bishop told Andelman, “Manuela is here, but is not supposed to be here, I don’t know how she came in.” Herzer started shaking. In 2000, she told me, he proposed marriage, but she declined, saying she did not want to re-marry. Probably not. She replied that Redstone wanted to speak with her and Andelman alone and that she should leave. “Philippe, how are you going to take care of Sumner?” she asked him. A legal battle is raging, churning up personal recriminations, power plays involving billions of dollars, and a slew of extraordinary and embarrassing revelations that, by all rights, should never have been made public. “It’s a fucking coup.”. “I have dozens [of videos],” he says. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. It was a monologue by Mr. Dauman.” (An attorney for Dauman said that his client would not comment on anything related to this case, except to say that “Herzer and her lawyers have shown themselves fully capable of inaccurate and self serving public statements.”). In Malibu, Redstone relentlessly called out for her, demanding that she come over. Holland and Herzer would get to “keep all of the gifts they have received”—whose value would not be disclosed to Shari—and Shari had to agree “not to bring any action for repayment.” Furthermore, N.A.I. She asked him to donate money to several charities in her name. He seemed particularly concerned that his only daughter, Shari, 61, would, after his death, contest his decision to give the bulk of his personal fortune to Holland and Herzer. It’s not fair.” She eventually spoke to Bishop, who declined to tell her what was going on. Born Sydney Stanger (no relation to Patti), Holland came from a well-to-do family in La Jolla, California. She and Sumner fell in love and dated for about two years. I ask you to honor this wish.” He signed off, “Love, Grumpy,” his tongue-in-cheek nickname for himself with them. “The sudden loss of her regular companionship—and shock at her betrayal—se[n]t Sumner into a visibly downward spiral both physically and mentally,” she wrote in her filings. She won. He shook his head no. But she didn’t answer her phone. “I previously directed that certain family members not be allowed to attend,” he wrote in a June 2015 directive, likely referring to his estranged son, Brent. He’d be like, ‘No, I’m paying for everything.’ Don’t forget, Sumner’s not about money at all…. In the court papers, there is a picture of Redstone, sitting on a couch in Ellison’s house, his hair completely white, with a vacant expression on his face. “I asked again and Sumner made a grunting noise and began crying uncontrollably.” She remembered asking Jagiello what Redstone had said and Jagiello replying that Sumner wanted her to leave. You know there’s nothing more you can do for him. She regularly sent him videos of herself in the Beverly Park mansion, sharing with him her plans for the day and showing off her outfits. Shari Redstone felt shut out, and she wasn’t happy about it. He loves you. He has long had a complicated and rocky relationship with Shari. He wanted Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” to be played. Tim Jensen (above) claimed that Holland had him withdraw over $1million while he worked for Redstone which he then gave to a handful of women. He no longer understood the significance of recommendations made to him, was no longer able to follow the plots of movies and TV shows, lost interest in current events and business news, and lost the “ability to modulate his emotions, often experiencing spontaneous crying spells.” He was no longer interested even in the stock prices of CBS and Viacom, or in his tropical fish, a longtime passion. Caitlyn Jenner breaks her silence about fatal car crash and... Eccentric tech millionaire John McAfee announces decision to... Release of thousands of Hillary’s secret emails will be... Trump cashes in on his star power: GOP front-runner... 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'But now I was spending much more time doing things at Holland's direction that, in my experience, are not the usual tasks of a studio executive driver's job.'. She tried calling Bishop again but got no answer. “You are all invited to stay with me and visit me any time. She was not the only woman who continued to come to the mansion, however. “I blew up and lost my temper,” he recalls, “and I think I lost my shit—excuse my French. Much of the rest of the estate was designated for charity, with small bequests for people such as his longtime secretary. He says initially he had no idea that Holland had anything to do with Sumner Redstone, let alone that she was his live-in girlfriend, but she told him that Redstone owned Simon & Schuster, the book publisher, and Paramount Pictures, and both companies were interested in Pilgrim’s story. In early February, the decision was made that Redstone should resign from his chairmanship of both CBS and Viacom. “He did not want us to ever have to worry about our financial security, especially after his demise.”. This was an odd development, since both Dauman and Dooley have full-time jobs at Viacom, in New York. He wanted Herzer’s two younger children, Christina Chamchoum, 25, and Kathrine Herzer, 19, along with his three granddaughters, to read poems or prayers. Many in the industry have grown concerned over the past few years about the power Holland and Herzer have over the aging billionaire, especially after Redstone's former driver wrote a piece for The Hollywood Reporter in May detailing his work duties. “It has to be an unusual situation where a parent still at this late date puts his East Coast business colleagues ahead of an adult child, or for that matter adult grandchildren, in terms of his care,” he wrote. She was now the only person in charge of Redstone’s health care, she wrote in another declaration to the court. Her mother, a social worker, specialized in interventions in Los Angeles. Redstone was supposedly fine with that arrangement. Herzer’s attack on the Redstone family reached a new low with her unfounded claim to the court that Shari’s devotion to her father is motivated by money or power, and not love. would have paid. “Sumner … appeared out of touch, remote and non-responsive to the people around him. When Pilgrim got word of what was happening, he says, he left the rehab clinic with no money and no ID and persuaded a cabdriver to drive him 18 hours back to Sedona. The exterminators wanted to fumigate the place, but Herzer did not want Redstone exposed to the chemicals. I have to tell you, would she be there if he wasn’t doing something for her? “Sumner wanted to see me,” she wrote in a court filing.

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