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With all the problems we have with the U.S. postal service, I'm not sure we can rely on them," she said in an interview with Amber Worthy with Fox Carolina. "I think we should support the protesters," Jorgensen said in an interview with Zuri Davis with Reason, a libertarian magazine. Meanwhile, if you’re concerned that voting for Jo Jorgensen would be a wasted vote, consider this: Perhaps the only way to truly waste your vote is to vote for what you DON’T want. Moreover, she will assign a spending reduction target for her Cabinet to keep the government accountable. They take ownership of problems, they create solutions, and they serve the global community. Jo Jorgensen Policies When it comes to Jo Jorgensen’s views politically, she is a rank and file Libertarian, if there is such a thing. She will stop new borrowing and veto spending bills contributing to a rising debt ceiling. "A majority of states have accepted petitions to allow Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen to appear on the ballot. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity. In an Instagram post, she even goes so far as to say, "I'm for a fair tax as long as it's 0%. Moreover, Jorgensen will remove FDA regulations that stifle innovation. Tap here to add The Western Journal to your home screen. Then, they were unable to keep up with demand. Former Partner, President, and Owner, DigiTech, Inc. PhD, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Clemson University, 2002. This comes from teaching Industrial/Organizational Psychology at. Together, they campaigned in 38 states, with her speaking on over 300 radio shows. As expected, Jorgensen advocates for privatizing the healthcare system. The Jo Jorgensen healthcare plan is to overhaul our healthcare system. There is no such thing as a fair tax.". That includes choices around environmental issues. Perhaps within the next couple of elections, a libertarian candidate will have a real shot at America's highest office. She grew up in Chicago. Cohen started a web design company in … She has two daughters. "I read 'Animal Farm' in grade school and always disliked the idea of an elite few making decisions for the rest of us," she said. "I'm fine with the mail-in ballot as long as we use FedEx . According to her Twitter bio, Jorgensen is also an “avid hockey player.”. The Libertarian candidate then received her Ph.D. in industrial/organization psychology from Clemson University in 2002. "That's because they have to actually fight for their customers. On her campaign website, she lists the problems prior Democratic and Republican leaders have created: What would Jorgensen do differently? No government can match their effectiveness and financial stewardship. Before hitting the campaign trail, her primary job was teaching full-time as a senior lecturer in psychology. We’ve seen what smart entrepreneurs can accomplish. Many libertarians also support reproductive rights, same-sex marriage, and oppose the drug war and mass incarceration. According to Jorgensen’s campaign, the presidential candidate has a history of entrepreneurialism. What is the Libertarian Party, and what do they stand for? Reduce/abolish taxes: Individuals are entitled to private property and the fruits of their labor. However, Jorgensen sees no reason to charge for drugs, as there is no victim. ... Married US-Constitution. It created the Department of Education. Generally, Libertarians tend to be as Gary Johnson advertised during his presidential campaign. Here, she finally found a party that shared her values for limited government. Perhaps enough voters will find voting for Trump or Biden distasteful enough that they embrace this third option. Again, the NAP applies. "Virtually none were necessary for America's self-defense," she said on her campaign website. You also agree to our. There, she works with select clients today. Does Jorgensen have a shot at the presidency? Her support for libertarian candidates goes back as far as the 1980 presidential election in which she voted for Ed Clark. The Libertarian Party is slowly building its member base. Jorgensen is fighting an uphill battle for the presidency. "I think government is too big, too nosy, too intrusive, and often hurts those it intends to help.

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