how to install torsion bars on a mopar b body

All of the steering linkage is natural in appearance. Jun 5, 2019 #1. pghjeeper Well-Known Member. A passenger side bar will have a 30 degree left handed twist. The upper A-arm mounted to perches on the upper frame rail while the lower control arms connected to the front crossmember (or K-member) through a pivot shaft. The pinhead goes in the spring/shock mount. You can observe this preset by laying the bars down on a flat surface and observing how the bar is twisted. Most of the natural metal is rusty and you can have paint that never came originally on the car. One of the fastest ways to remove a stubborn rod is to put the master cylinder in a bench vise and run a steel rod through the hole in the end of the brake rod. It was applied without any care given to how much paint was used and how messy the results were. The upper ball joint–to-spindle should have the tri-castle nut and the lower multi-castle nut. The master cylinder is also different and so is the distribution block. The torsion bars were originally dipped in paint and have drip marks left by the thick paint. another grey area 12) now finger tight the torsion bar adjustment untill things … The tab is near the center of the arm on 1970 B-Body cars. These cables must be functional, and they are natural metal in appearance (uncoated). Prior to installing your new bushings, take the time to have them media blasted. Welcome to our site! The steering box and linkage for all B-Bodies, no matter the year, is basically the same. Missing from this nearly complete assembly are the cotter pins and caliper bolt clips. Next using fine Emory cloth sand them with a circular motion. You can rebuild the power steering pump from a kit found at most local parts stores; NAPA carries great replacement parts. If yours are missing be prepared to search long and hard to find them. Mopar torsion bars are preset at the factory in the direction of use. The rotors and calipers are not reproduced in correct appearance. These boosters can be model and year specific so make sure you have the correct one for your car. Taking several pictures to document what you find helps you restore your car to its factory-original condition. This bend can easily be straightened for installation. Two additional U-clips hold the right and left cable to the frame bracket. Then add all the components to complete the front suspension. Upon the vehicle being lowered over the powertrain and engine crossmember on the assembly line, the torsion bars were slid through their rearward perches on the mid-crossmember and fitted into the hexangular reliefs in the lower control arm pivot shafts. It makes your final result all the more satisfying. Inexpensive kits contain liners made out of galvanized tin and clamps that are not very thick. The right bar has one stripe about 61 ⁄2 inches from the front of the bar. Ideally, the car you start with has all of its original parts and markings so that as you remove the dirt and grime you can document each original part on your car. Remove the four bolts connecting the steering column flange to the firewall. You can copy and paste this link to share: So unless you are going to compete in a high-level Original Equipment class, just paint them. Dropping the entire front suspension, which includes the crossmember with the engine and transmission, all together is actually recommended. Cars with steel wheels did not receive this paint. They can flash rust, so unless you are going to show in a high-level Original Equipment class the stainless replacements look good, keep a nice appearance, and last much longer. Unless your springs have very low mileage you should disassemble them, blast them, and replace all the inner zinc liners, the plastic spacer wear pads, and the front bushing. When complete, install the bumpstop, the torsion bar adjuster bolt, and the threaded metal block, which is designed to stay in place in the arm when it is under tension. After having the original calipers rebuilt, the bolts should be replated. If it isn’t, you will have problems when installing the torsion bars. No...Either way you install them front/back, they end up with the same directional twist. Notice that the adjuster has small teeth; because the original one was not usable it had to be replaced with a new one. On all drum brake cars with road or Rallye wheels, the outside edge was painted red with a brush, no matter the color of the car. (Love your Mopar's torsion-bar suspension setup? It also requires the additional power steering pump and hoses to make this unit work.

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