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Shortened links are much prettier and convenient for marketing. Alternatively, you could get a non-paying admin or moderator role to gain privileges and influence, like the right to post content or affiliate links daily. Leave and pin comments about your group for each video. Everything about them produces low engagement. LinkedIn Groups are terrible despite LinkedIn’s efforts to make them better. The group helped me to expand my online reach, connect with like-minded people, and generate passive income. You can earn money from a Facebook group as an admin, moderator, and member. Create a video about your group. You might offer different amounts until you understand what a buyer willing to accept. Private message me to arrange. Leave comments on other videos/channels (without being spammy). My group targeted free access to online courses, so I promoted free classes and trials from Coursera and Pluralsight. If you want to sell products from a Facebook page, Shopify is an excellent solution. It will also remove features that don’t gain traction; for example, group stories were terminated. Alternatively, Facebook has a subscription group feature, but it’s only available to some groups in certain regions. Having a presence on YouTube is seldom a bad thing because of how much traffic the platform attracts. Add group info to your video descriptions and about page. Various apps and plugins enable you to charge and collect recurring fees. I liked my group so much that I acquired two more. It can also help to attract and convert users. A merchant may use one or multiple advertising pricing models, for instance, cost-per-action (CPA), cost per sale (CPS), cost per lead (CPL), or pay per lead (PPL). Naturally, you don’t have to implement every idea, only those that excite you and align with your objectives. Add group info to your autoresponse sequence. Design a promotional banner/image for your group to use on pages and in widgets. Add group info to an automated message sequence. Callout and link to your group at the end of each post. You could create a buy and sell group for that objective or join a group to sell your products. Post details about your group periodically, such as weekly or monthly. Banned from Give Me Your Money has 4,038 members. For many years, Facebook didn’t improve groups or support admins consistently. However, many users request contributions from others and use links from PayPal and TransferWise to facilitate money collection. Your advertisement will appear as a featured announcement/pinned post. In my group description, I had informed members that posts containing “#Ad” represented the use of affiliate links. You can earn money from a Facebook group as an admin, moderator, and member. Many email marketing companies offer free plans, including MailerLite and AWeber. He wants to know what SEO plugin he should use and why. Facebook is a search engine, so it’s helpful to understand search engine optimization (SEO) fundamentals. Please help to bless others when you can. New subscribers will receive four emails over several weeks. One of the most practical ways to make money with a Facebook group is through affiliate and referral marketing. Opt-in forms, paired with email marketing, can be an effective promotional channel. Also, it makes sense to avoid discussing matters on Facebook platforms like Messenger. Also, he sends Joe a private message. Meaningful groups are communities that become a vital part of a user’s experience. There are many free and paid landing page software providers, for instance, Leadpages. Although Facebook bans the sale of groups, its TOS is ambiguous. Neither platform is as robust as Facebook for groups and communities, however. To gain work, you would inquire with group admins. However, 5 to 10 percent of these business ideas are legit and could make you money. Promote your group in your online courses, books, digital media, and info products. Be mindful of your activities on Facebook and include relevant details, disclosures, and disclaimers in posts. Promote your group on other platforms, including: YouTube is the second most visited website and search engine globally. At Digital Fodder, he offers insights and strategies concerning online marketing, ecommerce, working online, YouTube, and more. For example, it recommends adding “#Ad” to posts containing affiliate links. However, to align with its growth targets, it now rolls out new features and improvements regularly. At one point, I was managing 120,000+ members. Post group details with eye-catching images and videos. Many Facebook group owners monetize their groups, which is legal. It will not go straight to the user’s inbox. If nothing else, they might be worth exploring to see what else out there or get your creative juices flowing. Use a multiple-link landing page tool such as LinkTree, LnkBio, and Shorby to direct traffic to your group. As a result, content creators can make money by creating insightful how-to content about groups, pages, profiles, and other aspects. Also, you’ll avoid hassles and legal issues from Facebook and others. A private group could offer exclusive content, live streams, events, webinars, Q&A sessions, and direct access to admins and guests.

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