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This is the traditional Irish spelling of the name Rory, a name that translates to "red king" in Gaelic. -. These Irish dog names are just the beginning. If you want your lil’ squish to have a goth vibe, this name is perfect! About | Terms of Services | Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy | Contact Us | Sitemap. Lorcan means “little fierce one.” Yas, queen. ). Pronounced ASH-ling, this name means “vision” or “dream” in Gaelic—perfect for the Irish pup of your dreams. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2020 Dog Names Upvote 18. Your dog is one of a kind. Your email address will not be published. In Irish legend, this was the name of a female warrior. According to Celtic legend, the name “Angus” means “one strength” in Gaelic and belonged to the god of love. Their spellings can seem appealingly surprising and unique. This name means “little lightning.” So yeah, a pup named Mellan is basically the dog version of Thor. Patrick is the name of the patron saint of Ireland, of course. It’s traditionally given to little boys (or boy dogs) with black or dark hair. Here are 101 Irish dog names to get you inspired. Required fields are marked *. In Irish and Latin, “Molly” means “star of the sea.” If your pup’s a fan of the ocean, it’s a perfect fit. His children were turned into swans by his jealous second wife. That makes Blathnaid, pronounced BLAW-nid, a fit for your best “bud.” (See what we did there?). And what’s the thing that dogs are best at (besides sniffing out treats)? Guys, these are the cute and lovable Celtic puppy names. Hey, if your pup already believes she’s a goddess, you might as well give her a name to match. We get it! The name Conan (as in late-night host Conan O’Brien, who’s undeniably Irish) comes from the Gaelic word “con” which means “hound” or “wolf.” And the suffix “an” means “little warrior.” What’s cuter than a little hound who thinks he’s a warrior? +. Refers to born of fire for your fierce pet, Refers to little fire for a lively and passionate pet, A diminutive of the name Irving for your cute pet, Refers to shining light for a pet with bright coat, Suits a majestic pet who rules over your homestead like a king, Suits a pet who likes to be treated like a king, Refers to descendants of the brightened one for your powerful pet, Means thunder for a strong and aggressive pet, A diminutive of Erynn referring to Ireland, Refers to from the land of Eoghan; a county in Northern Ireland, Means chief for a vigilant pet who watches over your home, Refers to the keeper of the keys, for a trustworthy pet. Get inspired by these cool and strapping Irish boy dog names for your new little lad. A common last name and increasingly popular first name, Donovan means “dark” in Gaelic. Moher – The Cliffs of Moher is a … It means “of pleasant, beautiful sheen” or “radiant beauty.”. This name, pronounced REE-ona, comes from "rionach," and means "queenly.”. This name means “white,” perfect for a pup with white fur. Finn is the Anglicized version of Fionn. So choose one of these creative Irish dog names for your new pup. This name means “strong” and “warlike.” You don’t want to mess with a Lunn. Shay means “hawk” or “hawk-like and noble” in Irish, and is a great short and easy-to-say name for your pupper. You know, the St. Patrick who has his own holiday on March 17? (If you’re not well-versed in Gaelic, that is. Us either.) The Irish dropped the D from the end of “Donald” to create this name that means “proud chief” in Gaelic. May the luck of the Irish be with you and your new pet! Under this … It means “bright” or “shining” and it’s pronounced SOR-ca. Its Irish meaning is “hard, noble and strong.” Give the Brians of the world some credit. Irish names are rich in history. This name means “lake-land” in Gaelic, making it a good pick for a dog who’s equally happy in water as he is on dry land. So, you want to give your new dog a traditional Irish name? Pronounced ROW-sheen, this name means "little rose”―a sweet name for a small-breed cutie. Just think: Your pup’s nickname could be “Sully,” like the kind-hearted fuzzy monster in “Monsters, Inc.”. Some of them were plucked from the myths themselves and have rich stories to back them up. If you simply love Irish things, you might want to give your dog a Celtic name. It’s pronounced AL-va, and is perfect for a feisty girl pup. The name Alroy means “red,” and who doesn’t love a ginger doggo? This Irish name sounds adorably quirky, but it has a serious meaning: “Liberty.”. Quirky and unique, Oona is pronounced exactly how you’d expect, and it means “one.”. Refers to from the land of Eoghan; a county in Northern Ireland. These badass Irish dog names are the perfect fit. Pronounced NOO-lah, this is the diminutive of the name Fionnuala, which means “fair shouldered.” Regardless of how attractive your dog’s shoulders are (we’re sure they’re stunning), we also love this name for its charming nickname, “Nu.”. This name is a shortened version of the name “Órlaith.” Both names mean "golden princess" in Gaelic. Your email address will not be published. Aife - warrior woman Aina - joy Aithne Aleen - fair Alys Andraste Ardena Arela Beatha Berta - splendid Bridgette - strong Brienne Brietta - strong Cara - friend Carey Carmel Cinnie Cordelia Deidre Deva Did you know this popular name for boys in America actually means “prince” in Gaelic? This name is a common Irish last name in the U.S., but it’s also become a popular first name for pets and people alike. This Irish version of “Neil” means “cloud” in Gaelic. In Gaelic, this name means “rock.” It’d be perfect for a Bulldog, since they’re basically boulders on legs. This Irish name means “small rough one,” which would be fitting for a Chihuahua with a sassy ’tude and small stature. There’s no better name for a guard dog. We have also shared Irish Dog Names. In Irish, “blath” means flower or blossom. This was an Irish clan surname, and doubles as a super cute first name for a dog. The name “Finbar” means “white hair.” It’s also super fun to say. He sounds like a hipster dog who is always in the mood for a Puppuccino from Starbucks. Many have incredible mythical origins. We hope that you like the collection of these Irish dog names. But it also means “holly tree” in Gaelic. Just don’t take it too literally; you should still keep your pup on a leash in most places. If your new girl pup shines bright like a diamond, give her this name! When you want your pup’s name to be both inspired by the Emerald Isle and super adorable, choose one of these cute Irish dog names. Brogan means “sturdy shoe,” so it’s not the most conventional dog name—and that’s what makes it cool! It means “born of the yew tree” in Gaelic. For this naming guide, we chose Celtic names with interesting meanings. Plus, the name means "sea warrior" in Gaelic―perfect for a … Wexford – Located at the southeast corner of Ireland, Wexford is a town that also sounds like a sophisticated Irish dog name, if you ask us. Cormac translates to “charioteer” in Gaelic, making it a great name for a pup who loves to run. Eoghan is the Irish version of the name “Owen” and is pronounced the same way. There have been many famous Claires, from Danes to Foy to the region of Ireland with a slightly different spelling: County Clare. This name, a shortened form of Nicholas, means “pup” in Gaelic. Oh, you thought Brian was a boring name? Pronounced SHEE-la, this is the Irish form of the Latin name Cecilia, the patron saint of music. Your dog probably isn’t pale green, but they’ll likely be the only dog on the block with this interesting name. This Irish name means “light” or “pale,” so it’d be a fabulous name for a pup with light fur. Diarmaid translates to mean "free man" in old Gaelic, and is pronounced similar to Dermot. In this article, we are going to share male and female dog names for Celtic puppies. Dublin is the capital of Ireland, and also a great unisex name for your new doggo.

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