foton tunland diff lock

Coming back up? The fact that the Foton is powered by a 2.8-litre engine, whereas its rivals' motors are of smaller capacities, should be an advantage, but the Cummins is neither as refined, nor significantly more powerful, than its opposition. It’s not perfect, but a thoroughly well-balanced product. Not knowing the exact condition of the pass, we had been fully prepared to camp next to the river that night. As this is a family magazine, we can’t quote most of the comments, but suffice to say that a few people fought hard to get back up again. The rest of the pass is easy, really. Places to stay The tester that put the Tunland through its paces commented that although diff-lock (which is not fitted) would not have been required under the circumstances, the bakkie could benefit from a trifle more torque at low revs and that a shorter rear overhang would have been more ideal. Going down is relatively tough but it is ascending the narrow pass that is the real challenge. Click here to find one for sale on A quick glance beyond said rock confirmed our worst fears. Alongside this rock are various others with messages from previous adventurers written on them. This obstacle is followed by another 100 metres of slow, rocky meandering, after which the most treacherous hindrance presents itself. We read about this nasty rock on the forums, and while many can’t agree about the ferocity of the pass, everyone agrees that this rock will kill you if you don’t know what you’re doing. Tunland prototypes were subjected to 16 performance indexes, over 100 000 kilometres of endurance exercises and clocked up more than a million kilometres in high-temperature, high-altitude and extremely cold environments. The Tunland’s Cummins 2.8-litre four-cylinder diesel delivers most of its torque low down (it peaks at 360Nm at 1 800r/min), so we decided to stick to first gear in low range with the tyres deflated to an initial 1.2-bar. You can give it hell, and it will still come back and ask for more. And on tar? Phew! Foton Tunland 2.8 Double Cab 4x4 Luxury (2016) Review. It’s way ahead in terms of performance, but badge snobbery remains a stumbling block. Unfortunately, inflation has put paid to the idea that if you want a double-cab, you can buy a big-engined bakkie that can rival conventional passenger cars for luxury and trounce them in terms of off-road ability. Before joining in 2016, Mike was the deputy editor of South Africa's oldest motoring magazine for 5 years and the editor of its website for 3 years. Since we had very little idea what to expect, it made sense to take this Tunland. Read Part 3 of the Double-cab shoot-out here, Read Part 4 of the Double-cab shoot-out here, Double cab shootout in partnership with CAR mag. Please don't hestitate to contact us should you require further assistance with your new vehicle enquiries. Call me a biased Toyota loyalist or old-fashioned nostalgic, but I prefer the simple interior design of the car with fewer buttons and lights. Foton Tunland 2.8TDI 4×4 Gearbox: Five-speed manual (with transfer case) The drive from Cape Town to the pass is about 800km, so it’s also not just around the corner. Those examples now cost in the mid-to-high R500k range — they still sell, but only to a fortunate, well-heeled clientele…. DISCLAIMER: “”,"Members", "Owners" and "Trip Leaders" (the "Organisers") are not responsible for your safety. Protea Hotel Oasis, Upington For those interested in towing capacity (as many leisure bakkie buyers would be), the 2.8 Double Cab 4x4 Luxury can tow unbraked trailers of up to 750 kg (braked: 2 500 kg). We’d be using a modified Foton Tunland, so we at least had the added benefit of internal combustion. Johan suggested we deflate the tyres to 0.8 bar. Update: Hyundai Bakkie Based on New Tucson. Another thing to consider is the fuel tank. Shortly afterwards, with the back-up team getting their 4×4 over the last 4×4 hurdles higher up the pass, more drama. On the course, most of the vehicles nailed the axle-articulation exercises, leaving only the Foton Tunland stranded mid-air. Dante did it and he walked. The only way through was with momentum, precision aiming and a fair whack of luck.

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