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I have 3 bedroom house. Hi Chris. Regards Hi, I’m looking for a dehumidifier to replace a tumbler dryer and help with the condensation in my 2 bedroom house. I once had a different device and, after removing the grate at the back of it, was shocked to see mould had formed around the coils of the unit. Motor run capacitor 919167312 Craftsman Air compressor. At 355 watts our Meaco 20 litre is very energy efficient and the unique Meaco control logic helps to save even more electricity usage which is very important. The resulting mix is then blown back into the room. Colder temperatures will increase your relative humidity % and create cold surfaces where condensation can form (a surface that drops below the dew point). At 10°C this falls to 2.5 litres. The garage isn’t wet but condensation does build up in the colder months. This only helped slightly. 15 deg. It would be for a 60sq meter 2 bed flat in the UK, north facing. I live in a large one bed flat (first floor with attic space) which has always had fairly high humidity levels throughout. If you’ve noticed that the dehumidifier is actively blowing excessively warm air into your home, the reasons below could explain that. Recently it has started getting SO hot when it runs that the whole room heats up. So if you don’t have air conditioning to help dry out your home, the next best thing to do is to buy a dehumidifier. There are two different types on the domestic market – desiccant and compressor; the confusion comes when someone who has never used a dehumidifier before has to decide which one to buy. Cheers. But the big difference is that Zambezi gives you far more options and control. Thank you for your message, if I was you I would use a desiccant dehumidifier and one of the DD8L dehumidifiers will make a massive difference. The 10 litre is a bit small for a five bedroom house but my advice would be put it somewhere central in the home and leave all the internal doors open and you will notice a massive difference in the long run. Dehumidifiers work by reducing the humidity level inside an enclosed space. On those days when the air feels heavy and sticky, you’ll be glad to have a dehumidifier on hand. Secondly, given that the fan and ‘power’ settings are independent, how do the various combinations affect total power output and extraction rates/effectiveness? Thanks, With the compressor unit out of commission, the cold air is free to exit out of the dehumidifier untouched. You can see that it is not as simple as many dehumidifier brands make out when they claim that desiccant is best or that compressors are best, this is because they are normally biased towards one or other of the technologies. I presume a desiccant machine would be bes but which one and is there a machine we can leave unattended whilst we are not there. Practically nobody keeps their car in the garage anymore. We noted earlier that refrigerant is used to cool down the air sucked in by the dehumidifier. I always recommend thinking about where the water is coming from (cooking, bathing, showering, laundry etc) and to try and put the dehumidifier closer to source. We all know how difficult it is to deal with the sticky air that emerges from time to time. Run the dehumidifier for 24/7 if possible and also use it to dry clothes if you air them in a rack. In the summer, excessive humidity saps our energy, robs us of sleep, causes health and safety problems — especially in the elderly — and makes basements smell damp and musty. Can you confirm I should look at the MeacoDry ABC 10L model. We’ve surveyed owners of dehumidifiers from De’Longhi, Ebac, Ecoair and Meaco and asked them which faults their dehumidifiers developed. You have several sources of moisture and probably a lot of your problem will be generated by the bathroom, kitchen and laundry drying. There is no heating most of the time, so presumably a desiccant dehumidifier would be best, but I’ve no idea whether this situation equates to a 3, 4, 5 or more bedroom house.

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