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I know the minimalist saddles look cool and all, but bring back some side cushion to all saddles! I would advise wearing the stuff you usually do when you sit on your bike to get the most accurate results, like shorts and bike shoes. Things like the cutout size, curvature of the saddle, the transition from the nose to the wide point and foam. Draw an outline around the two indentions left on the cardboard and find the centrepoint of each, then measure the distance from centre to centre — this is your sit-bones width, With knowledge of this measurement, you can start looking at brand-specific sizes. Find the least amount of padding you feel you can get away with, and don’t look to extra padded chamois to solve this dilemma. Gender and Shape Study:  Although this does not connect specifically with sit bone measurement, it does impact our point about spine angle. Consequently, the only way to truly find your perfect saddle is to personally test the saddle. Saddles. Yeap, we're up in your social medias too. Bike seats are frequently placed into one of these five categories: Recreational cycling: If you sit upright while pedaling a cruiser, urban or commuter bike and prefer short rides, try a saddle designed for recreational cycling. Also, the quality of your bike, proper geometry and bike fit plays a part. Then I stumbled on a saddle that worked for me and I threw away the bike diapers....greatest thing I ever did and have been able to ride basically as much as I want without any saddle/butt issues at all. That way the search for a perfect saddle can be avoided for a long time. I can get some idea of how a saddle will work based on dimensions and shape, but really it comes down to buying it and trying it out for a few days. Posted in: Ok, first things first, I found a couple of ways to measure your sit bones to determine bike saddle width. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Guest posts, linking, and advertising policy. The more a saddle is curved, the more it is important to make note of this. The two diagrams above provide a much clearer picture of pelvic position and which bones receive the most pressure depending on the amount of rotation or position of the rider. Send us a text with your questions! We did not quantify this to a degree of angle as this is rider dependent. When trying out a new saddle, give it a week or two time for the body to adapt, then decide whether it is comfortable or not. Recently they reissued the flite (now called the 1990 - God am I that old? with an even wider central hole for cyclists who prefer even greater comfort. Level 2 padding: Medium density foam for bike feel with additional cushioning. As far as type of underwear, the leader, bar none are Saxx/2Undr/MyPkg and the like - they keep your man bits all nice and tucked in, and are super comfortable. Take a look a the position below of three different types of cyclists. They make for a consistent platform and provide the most abundant effective seating area. This email address is already subscribed to our newsletter. You’ll know immediately when you are sitting on your sits bones and there are saddles that will help. A rather athletic saddle, but its padding is not too hard, so they are comfortable even without the use of padded cycling shorts (bibs) – Amazon affiliate link. Heavier riders need more support than skinny riders for example. To get the right saddle you need to first measure the width between your sit bones, but there’s much more to it. Your email address will not be published. Wear your bike shoes if you have them to get the proper measurement. We assembled a group of medical professionals and developed the first Body Geometry saddle in 1997. Some bike shops and Specialized dealers offer help with this, providing customers with the choice to test saddles on their bike. So more experimentation is needed. Also remember, padding can pack down and result in a lack of support. The algorithm of the idmatch Smart Caliper also allows us to understand, according to the measurements taken, whether the cyclist needs a traditional or “Friction Free” saddle, available in 4 additional versions: S1 FF, S2 FF – L1 FF, L2 FF. Check your toe position, are they pointing in an angle when pedaling to make them go round? E-bike batteries can be very expensive, so much so that they actually make up the vehicles largest cost. But, finding the right saddle is crucial, in fact it can transform an ordinary ride into an extraordinary one, so where do you begin? The aggressive XC fit is one extreme whereas the super upright freeride fit is the opposite end. Moved them until you can feel that they’re aligned with your sit bones.

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