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The Air National Guard recovered the bodies of two of the two missing rafters at about 10:16 a.m. Thursday. I am going to get killed this time,* I just had time to think, spinning toward the abyss. From the magical maritime treasures in Prince William Sound, to amazingly accessible mountain wilderness areas of Chugach State Park and the Talkeetna Mountains, our mission is to create unparalleled adventure travel experiences for guests visiting or even living within our great state. Somehow I doubt it, but, in any event, I admire their adventurous spirit. The rescue had all come about thanks to Matt’s determination. A colleague studying snow geese there described her as “the best field assistant anyone could ask for.” She was a former president of the North Central Section of The Wildlife Society,  a professional group that promotes wildlife education and science. I left this stupid leopard-spotted neon-yellow necktie I had hanging from the center of the tent. My focus was simply hanging on, surviving. Crossing alone, I have carried as big a boulder as I could comfortably tote. Know proper river fording. Wildlife professionals Michael Huffman and Rochelle Renken loved the outdoors. Allen stayed with the guests as Oberlatz paddled downriver. I descended recklessly, stumbling and sliding down the slope, then realized I needed to slow down. He had started Alaska Alpine Adventures with a friend in 1998 and at one point lived year-round in Alaska's Lake Clark National Park. Alaska Alpine Adventures has camped in some of Alaska’s most remote and wild places; from the remote beaches of the Alaska Peninsula, the rugged glaciers of the Neacola Mountains, to the open tundra expanses of the Brooks Range, With literally thousands of nights camped in the Alaska wilderness in all seasons, we have refined camp craft to a science. The first raft left carrying Allen, the other guide and a guest. Allen had gotten out of his raft farther down the river, after traveling for about 15 minutes., Two dead in rafting accident on Alaska's North Slope, Notice of Availability for a Draft Environmental Impact Statement Addressing Heat and Electrical Upgrades at Fort Wainwright, Alaska, Limited Edition: An Open Exhibition of Small Works, or “Fuck!” I went on and on, raging at the forces killing me, raging and raging in wild, angry bursts. The top election official says security is the priority, not speed. Every time I cleared the tent’s sides, with my poundings and punches, it seemed that the wind and snow conspired to reach the ridgeline again. Over time, as I grew more familiar with the range, 9448 seeped into my intentions, seducing me with the steep, sweeping ice on its spear-tipped north face. Possible they wore PFDs but unlikely. Pete, that “living fully” is fairly subjective but “living longer” can sure be involved. Situated where the mighty Alaska range collides with the expansive Aleutian Range this diverse park includes more than 80 miles of rugged coastline, countless rivers, glaciers, and unnamed peaks, and offers up some of Alaska’s most amazing scenery, abundant wildlife, plenty of solitude, and ample opportunities for authentic Alaska adventure. A tributary creek they camped near went from crystal-clear water that one could easily cross on foot to a "full-on raging torrent," Oberlatz said. Renken worked in the Canadian far north in the early 2000s. Correction: An earlier version of this story, citing inaccurate information from the North Slope Borough, said Cheryl Minnehan and Karen Todd were both from Nevada. Carl had triggered an avalanche that ran across nearly one-third of the face—a three- to four-foot slab atop a hard, frosty layer. I mean God Bless em, in their 60’s and out for a 6 day hike. Alaska Adventure Travel - Guided Alaska hiking, backpacking trips, river rafting, kayak tours, and outdoor adventures in Alaska's National Parks. Alaska Alpine Adventures has been exploring Denali National Park since its inception, but has been focused on guiding wilderness backpacking and hiking trips on the park’s south side since 2010 – a wild and remote wilderness we believe to be one of the many gems of Denali’s stunning crown. Watch for sign of caribou, Dall sheep, grizzly bear, moose, bison, and ptarmigan.”. "We don't know whether anyone could have survived but our hopes are diminishing and we're waiting on a rescue," he said. Stream crossing in the Alaska wilderness is a complex thing. Before the group paddled into the river on June 10, they had a 90-minute orientation. The park service promotes the backpacking trip as a true wilderness hike from a remote Sanford airstrip to an equally remote Dadina airstrip. Oberlatz ran downriver with his binoculars, looking for the other orange life jacket. ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — In stories June 17 and June 20 about rafting deaths in Alaska, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Alaska Alpine Adventures … I hiked a little up the drainage, yelling. Kaktovik is located on the Beaufort Sea, 380 miles northeast of Fairbanks. You have to make good decisions.". Holding a detached shovel blade, I cinched the tube-entrance drawstring firmly around my armpit and cleared any snow within an arm’s radius. The worst time for recreational flying in Alaska is late Sunday. The eight people remaining eventually gathered together, hiking toward each other over land. A colleague studying snow geese there described her as “the best field assistant anyone could ask for.”. Once, I found myself walking on top of one without even noticing. Despite the marked crossing and advice, Irish backpacker Larry Dowling died there in 2007 after he slipped while crossing and was washed downstream. I walked into the camp in the dark, yelling, “Don’t shoot!” It was the last day of moose season: I figured if you were still out there, you hadn’t gotten your moose and were probably ready to shoot anything that moved. It was implicit that I, as the older, more experienced climber, was in charge of orchestrating my care, but Matt rose quickly to the task. To use one and join the 12-day trip, Oberlatz said, people don't need rafting or canoeing experience. Swipe left and right to see more destinations. The refuge spans an area estimated at about the size of South Carolina and, according to the U.S. Oberlatz said he watched as the groups ahead of him glided through the first set of rapids, about a mile downriver. The ascent: Tobin moving up the lower snow slopes. Cracks were open everywhere. He passed the women's overturned raft, and said he saw nothing. The author reading in the tent before the climb and ensuing accident, unaware that its nylon walls would soon become a suffocating tomb. "She was pinned up against the cliff," he said. People can usually rescue themselves if they fall into the water, but group assistance may be required, according to the national membership organization that represents whitewater enthusiasts, river conservationists and local paddling clubs. I screamed and screamed at the wind. In desperate flying conditions, and in landing conditions that had to have been almost blind, the four rescuers had reached Gillam Glacier, and then skied several miles into the gale’s teeth to reach me, guided by Roman’s memories from our failed attempt on 9448. Oberlatz said Todd swam aggressively toward it but Minnehan was too far away. Three days after Matt left, the storm’s rage increased again. If you crave the unexplored, the untouched, and the untravelled – look no further. The pain was still intense, but at least we could evacuate. This photo was made on the Matanuska River. But, it would seem they weren’t as versed in river crossings as some would say. I thought I saw something up there, and decided to risk the time to see if there was anyone there. Over the course of three weeks as a de facto resident of Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, I underwent three separate surgeries: splicing together the three sections of my left femur; a bone-grafting repair of a tibial-plateau fracture and tears of multiple ligaments of my right knee, which was voided of its shredded medial cartilage; and plastic surgery to repair the hole in my left cheek, perhaps formed when I’d kicked it with my cramponed boot. a 12-day, 100-mile rafting trip along the Kongakut. Irish backpacker Larry Dowling died there in 2007 after he slipped while crossing and was washed downstream. Why is someone’s boot here? He paused to fuss with it and I frontpointed past him. The park is also home to the 400,000 strong Western Arctic Caribou herd, as well as salmon, sheefish, bears (both brown and black), wolves, Dall’s sheep, and a multitude of migratory and resident bird species. At the bottom of the snout, a drainage comes down from the west. He said the company plans to review the incident and see if they could have done anything better. Travers of Alaska Alpine Adventures said two of the eight were guides and the rest had paid for the trip. North Slope Borough search-and-rescue authorities were informed of the capsizing on the Kongakut River, about 75 miles south of Kaktovik, at about 1:50 p.m. Wednesday. As the storm developed, it was readily apparent that Matt and I were negligently past that deadline—I simply chose to ignore the signals.

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