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Heroes: Eraser, Bellara, Kobold Soothsayer, Khshaat, Velundar, Blood Mage, Rok. Melee Damager — Powerful close combat heroes. Rather than boosting your empire, Explorer focuses solely on Irregular units, turning them all into very capable scouts, as well as much more effective combat units. Age of Magic Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. 8. ), Dreadnought (While they don't have very many instant spells, Destabilized Mana Core is affected by Storm Magic, making an already powerful spell even more devastating. ), Theocrat (While it may seem strange to recommend, given that theocrats only have two instant spells, when Storm Magic is combined with Armageddon they deal positively ludicrous amounts of damage with their spells. Air Mastery, while having very useful spells, heavily rewards the use of specific units and strategies, making it not quite as flexible as the other elemental masteries. Rogue — Nimble heroes who use an assortment or abilities to increase evasion and taunt enemies to either attack other characters or the rogue like heroes themselves. Warlords and Dreadnaughts in particular lack many healing abilities, making Healing Essence much more valuable to their large armies), Blood Boon (+2 Physical Melee; probably the only weak benefit in this list), Warlord (It goes without saying that production classes that enjoy maintaining a large standing army will get a lot of use out of Shadowborn as a whole. Furthermore, while the Tome of Wonders is an incredible resource, a lot of its text is misleading or not fully explanatory of what each spell is capable of. On the opposite end of the spectrum from the peace-loving Keepers, you have the cartoonishly evil Shadowborn, whose only goals are to sow havoc and cause mayhem. All of the spells in this Mastery sphere affect the Adept spells in some way that makes them better, meaning it highly recommended if you liked what you saw in the Adept sphere. Heroes: Infernus, Kobold Slinger, Ambror, Arekhon Axe Thrower, Raarspit, Seven Knives. Basic attacks also have the ability to trigger Class Marks. Destruction Mastery is a complete turnaround from Destruction Adept, going from an Aggressive Military focus to an Aggressive Spellcaster focus, with Storm Magic and Disintegrate making your nukes much more deadly. If a hero loses all HP in battle the will die. The former has little need of Temperate Empire (Suppress Nature is just Better) and Resurrect doesn't work on Mechanical units, and the latter builds Shadow Stalkers, who are punished by Bane of the Unnatural), Goblins (With their emphasis on Blighted terrain and their weakness to Mechanical enemies, Goblins are the poster children for Blight Masters. Shadowborn Mastery and Adept, more than any other pair of spheres, truly feel like two halves of one whole. There are special Skill Cubes used to raise the skill level of your heroes. Strength — Affects a heroes’ physical damage and HP. There's one of them for every climate type but volcanic and underground (note: You also cannot spread other climates to replace underground). They were the source of most of your abilities and magic, and let you tailor your leader into whatever role you saw fit. A highly specialized sphere of magic, Water Adept provides a lot of niche tools that are quite strong when in their element, but are of little use elsewhere. This makes them more expensive, as well as exclusive - you can only have one. Each character has a basic ability which has no cooldown and can be used at any given time, unless that move has been specifically locked by another ability. While all of them are useful, they heavily reward the use of specific units and fighting specific enemies; often times you may not want or be able to cast them. With the first Tigran Military Governance upgrade and Shadowborn, you can produce Prowlers with Lifestealing for a mere 52 gold, and large teams of buffed Prowlers are incredibly dangerous), Dwarves (While not generally as fire resistant as Draconians, the Firstborn are completely fire immune, and Forge Priests are not only immune to fire, but can bless your other units to keep them safe as well), Frostlings (While you are doubling down on your weaknesses, you are also taking advantage of your strengths; Frost Elementals and Great Hail hit that much harder with your Chilling supports greatly lowering their defense and frost resistance. There are three levels of the Skill Cubes. User account menu. With each skill level reached, the skill stats increase: hit power, efficiency, cooldown time and other. This combined with the Theocrat and Rogue's lack of AoE damage and summoning spells makes Earth Mastery quite a useful tool in their respective arsenals), Archdruid (The Wild Hunt gives all units Floating, which while quite an expensive combination of spells means your entire army is immune to Earthquake, letting you cast it at will), Orcs, Dwarves (Both races lack high-quality ranged units and produce very good melee fighters, synergizing quite well with both Haste and Wind Ward. Health — Defines a hero’s HP. Shadowborn Adept provides a decent selection of spells, but they might leave you wanting for more. Hmm; plenty of good choices. Many of these characters possess powerful AoE abilities and even stronger single target attacks. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. With Trail Running, they can even keep up with your powerful Human Cavalry and Knights, giving you a very mobile strikeforce. That being said, my recommendations for each element are merely my opinion; almost every combination can be quite playable and have their own advantages. These abilities range from: Heals, taunts, physical attacks, ranged attacks, magical attacks, buffs/debuffs, evasion increases/ decreases, and much more. Ranged Damager — From the back of the pack these heroes use precision and power to eliminate foes. ), Warlord (While the Scout is already a very powerful observation unit, Explorer still provides them with considerable benefit. Each time you go up a skill level, you need a new set of Skill Cubes. 5 stars. ), Warlord (Tireless is incredibly potent on Frost elementals, which Warlords leaders and heroes can provide via Relentless Army), Elves, Draconians, Tigrans (All three races have flying racial Tier III units, letting them avoid Earthquakes; Draconians get special mention for also having flying pikemen. Furthermore, their summoned units ignore Blighted terrain penalties, making them quite capable of ruling a bleak hellscape), Necromancer (Given that Necromancers are naturally immune to most morale effects and lack many direct ways of eliminating their foes, they can get quite a lot of use out of both Blight Empire and Disintegrate. Bolster is an invaluable spell to them), Rogue (It might seem strange, but a faction of evil shadow mafiosos pairs quite well with the Peacekeepers. Continuing on from the Adept sphere, Wild Magic Mastery provides even more powerful spells that are even more chaotic, all providing powerful effects while being completely unpredictable. Magical Damage — Damage inflicted through magical attacks which can be avoided by a defenders magical fortitude. Who doesn't want to deal 90 damage to everything? You can also buy them in the Shop. Like Ranged units, these characters work well with characters who can protect them like tanks and even some rogues. Active skills include: attacking, healing, strengthening and weakening the stats of other heroes. Heroes: Roland, Wyrm Priest, The Last Guardian, Denaya, Ra’Archne Queen, Abaddon, Trorin, Blood Emperor. Caster — A sorcerous hero that uses magic to inflict damage to the enemy and apply various effects on their own or enemy heroes. Passive skills are permanent and do not need to be activated. The evil counterpart to Creation, Destruction is a far more passive school of magic that is highly useful for rapidly expanding via conquest. Caster — A sorcerous hero that uses magic to inflict damage to the enemy and apply various effects on their own or enemy heroes. Many of these characters possess powerful AoE abilities and even stronger single target attacks. There are three types of skills: active, passive and leader’s skill. Dreadnoughts and Theocrats can have good cases made for them as well, but Warlords are probably the finest example), Necromancer (The slow nature of Ghouling cities and the Necromancer’s complete lack of Racial Happiness means Migration is a very good option for Necromancers. Currently the maximum level hero can reach is 80, this is in correlation with your player level, a heroes level cannot be greater than your player level. Thanks, Ive read worse scientific papers. Heroes: Kharannah, Silver Moon, Kobolock, Blood Priest, Hilia, Hargrim, Xaart. This is also displayed to you when you increase the heroes rarity, most predominantly the heroes health will increase substantially. ), Theocrat, Rogue (Both classes have Tier III and IV units that fly or float, making their late game armies pair quite well with Earthquake as an offensive tool. It's a fun but challenging twist on the alignment mechanics, and is also quite strong mechanically, making it well worth the effort. Physical Fortitude — Allows a character the chance of avoiding physical damage. Furthermore, Summon Lesser Elemental + Global Assault upgrades all of your Lesser Elementals into Greater Elementals, which can be terrifying to behold), Halfling (Halflings are notoriously vulnerable to morale effects; they hate almost every climate and drop like flies without their Luck backing them up. Suggestion for a Human Warlord? Magic Fortitude — Gives a hero a chance of avoiding magical damage. The Master Spheres are far more powerful than their Adept counterparts, providing end-game abilities and summons, many of which being just as if not more powerful than their class counterparts. They strive to have everyone united peacefully, and have plenty of tricks to deal with anyone who disagrees. Tigrans also fall into this realm, but their hatred of Arctic climates makes Arctic Empire significantly worse for them. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Age of Wonders III. There are three general types of specialization: The Adept schools of magic are the most common type of specialization, and almost every leader is going to have at least one of these. "Arctic Empire." Required fields are marked *. In the previous Age of Wonders games, your specializations were what defined your character.

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