1946 gmc 2 ton truck

Ware (2010) lists one single number of 562,750 of CCKW trucks, built across all variants—presumably including the amphibian DUKW. Only the first 50 units produced had closed cabs, all others were open. 1941 Willy's Coupe 600HP 8-Cyl GM 2,800 Mi 4-Spd 700R4 Leather A/C New Tires, 1950 Willys Utility Wagon 96105 Miles Brown Station Wagon Hurricane 4-Cylinder, 1951 Willys CJV35/U Very Rare, Running, Needs TLC 67702 Miles Olive Drab Jeep 13. The hull, designed by an America's Cup winner, gave the truck respectable sea-keeping capability. New starter and good battery. [17][18], The CCKW had a ladder frame chassis with three driven beam axles, the front on leaf springs, the rear tandem on leaf springs with locating arms. 6 very good used tires have been installed. 2020 Topclassiccarsforsale.com - Classic cars for sale. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. There were two wheelbases, the short Model 352 and the long Model 353. Description for GMC Other 1946: 1946 GMC 2-ton truck: Vin # 23629638, Model # CC303, Serial # 48180P. [11] The General Motors design was chosen by the Army and went into production at GM'S Yellow Truck and Coach division's Pontiac, Michigan plant alongside 6×4 CCWs. The transfer case had high and low gears, and engaged the front axle. First produced at Yellow’s Pontiac plant, as demand increased production was added to Chevrolet’s St. Louis plant. New starter and good battery. Fitted with steel GS bodies with fixed sides and troop seats, the trucks were originally ordered under French contract, but ended up in use by the British Army,[27] although some 2,000 units delivered to the French in early 1940 likely fell into the hands of the Nazi Germany Wehrmacht. Typical add-ons for 1946 GMCs ran to a rear bumper, bumper guards, a radio and antenna, heater, clock, cigar lighter, seat covers, and a spotlight. The balance to be paid within 10 days of auction end, Cash in person, bank transfer, or money order/cashiers check. This was easier to build, and the roof could be removed to lower the shipping height. Great driver, gorgeous looking. Has an aluminum gas tank that I built for it. 12 volt electrical with alternator. [26][27] Transmission was four-speed manual, combined with a two-speed transfer-case engaging the front axle for all-wheel drive operation. 1946 GMC 2-ton truck: Vin # 23629638, Model # CC303, Serial # 48180P. This truck has the original 236 GMC engine. This truck has the original 236 GMC engine. Chevrolet and GMC Truck Information: Silervado, Sierra, and Colorado. A large minority were built with a front mounted winch, and one in four of the cabs had a machine-gun mounting ring above the co-driver's position. [22], Many specialized variants of the basic 6×6 CCKW were made, some in small numbers, including some converted in the field. 1948 Willys Jeepster 4 on the floor, convertible, GORGEOUS! The truck rode on a 157 3⁄4 in (401 cm) wheelbase, measuring 256 in (650 cm) long, 90 in (229 cm) wide, and 117 in (297 cm) tall – or 89 in (226 cm) with the rear top bows taken down. Special built vans were also used. [8] Jackson's tabulation of the 1946 U.S. acceptances numbers adds up to 524,873 units, excluding the DUKWs and the ACKWX predecessor models. If you purchase the truck, I will require a $500. It was owned by a man who had used it in his asphalt paving business for a couple of years. As steel was more heavily rationed during the course of the war, the steel cargo bed was replaced by a wooden one. The truck can be inspected by appointment at Middletown MO or questions can be answered by calling 1-573-549-2881. The truck cannot be moved until the funds are physically in my account. 1946 GMC 2-ton truck: Vin # 23629638, Model # CC303, Serial # 48180P. The GMC CCKW began to be phased out, once the M35 series trucks were first deployed in the 1950s, but remained in active U.S. service until the mid-1960s. 1946 Chevrolet Other 2-Ton Fully restored 1946 Chevy 2-ton truck. 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[8][9][7] Additionally, GM built over 150,000 units of the CCKW's smaller brother, the ​1 1⁄2-ton, 4×4 Chevrolet G506, at the same factory. Rat Rod project. Truck Bio I purchased my truck in Woodland California in December of 1998, while visiting family for Christmas. The engine has good compression and good oil pressure. [6][7] GMC's total production of the CCKW and its variants, including the 2​1⁄2-ton, 6x6, amphibian DUKW, and the 6×4, 5-ton (on-road) CCW-353, amounted to some 572,500 units – almost a quarter of the total WW II U.S. truck production, and 70 percent of the total ​2 1⁄2-ton trucks. A very successful design, 21,147 were built. Weird & Wacky, Copyright © 2020 HowStuffWorks, a division of InfoSpace Holdings, LLC, a System1 Company.

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