Production on the formerly upcoming Hawkeye Disney+ series has been delayed indefinitely. According to scooper Charles Murphy, the delay in the series is mostly due to contractual restrictions with actress Hailee Steinfeld (Bumblebee). Hailee Steinfeld is currently contractually restricted to her AppleTV+ show Dickinson.

Those contractual restrictions currently do not allow Steinfeld to appear or work for any competitive companies and streamers according to sources. It seems like Marvel is looking to play the long game and wait for Hailee Steinfeld’s schedule with AppleTV+ to open up in order to have Steinfeld star as Kate Bishop in the Hawkeye series.

This could be ONE aspect as to why the series has been delayed. Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner has recently found himself in the sights of the internet amidst heavy accusations between him and his wife. While Disney/Marvel has remained silent on the matter, it seems a delay could help ease the blogs and take some heat off of Renner while Marvel either works things out with Apple or thy find another actor for the role of Kate Bishop

In the meantime, Marvel has moved up production on the Ms. Marvel series and will start filming this coming April. While Marvel has yet to reveal who will portray Kamala Khan, sources state that someone has been cast for the role.

Source: Charles Murphy

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