KRAK 8-inch Dunny by Scott Tolleson
Crystal Edition & Protector Edition

Drop on Friday, Feb. 27th at 10 am MT on

Reminiscent of his 2018 sell-out 3” Shard Dunny, Scott Tolleson expands on his theme of crystalline structures with the new KRAK 8” Dunny Art Figure. The clear shell of this Dunny serves as a window to the complex structure within – revealing angular and jagged rock-like formations that are more often found in caves than art toys. Don’t miss out on this highly collectible addition to the ever-expanding shelled Dunny procession.

“The Krak design was inspired by the Shard design which was originally a design that was going to be in The Odd Ones blind box series. With designing Krak I wanted to do something a little different than I what I usually do. Typically, I like to go pretty heavy on graphics, decals, etc. to support either a basic sculpt. My goal for this one was to have the sculpt be strong enough to not need any graphic assistance. Instead, the translucent material would support the sculpt. I like the way light can interact with faceted clear objects. So with this piece I think the lighting in which you display the piece is important. I’m excited to see this piece come to life and hope Kidrobot fans will enjoy it as well!”

– Scott Tolleson,

KRAK 8″ Dunny – Crystal Edition & Art Toy Stores
Limited to 800 pieces worldwide

Drops on and select art toy retailers 
at 10 am MT/noon ET on Friday, February 28th

KRAK 8″ Dunny – Protector Edition

Polyphony Exclusive
Limited to 300 pieces

Limited amount drop on
at 10 am MT / Noon ET Friday, February 28th

KRAK 8″ Dunny – Plasma Stone Edition Exclusive
Limited to 400 pieces

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