Yesterday’s report of the Hawkeye Disney+ solo series being delayed indefinitely sent Marvel fans into a frenzy. Many jumped to the conclusion that the series might be delayed entirely, but that wasn’t necessarily the case. Delays don’t always mean cancellation and New Mutants is a prime example of that.

According to two new reports from bloggers, one being Caleb Williams of Knight Edge Media and Julia Alexander from The Verge. Both are reporting that the report regarding Hawkeye’s indefinite delay is inaccurate.

Image Credit: MCU Cosmic

While Disney hasn’t publicly denied to confirmed such reports, seeing a report from someone who writes/works for The Verge can be taken at face value, despite that initial report from Charles Murphy.

One of the key aspects reported by Charles Murphy yesterday heavily hinted at the delay being mostly due to Marvel trying to acquire Hailee Steinfeld for the role of Kate Bishop/Hawkeye. Marvel has been having a hard time acquiring Steinfeld due to her contractual restrictions. Hailee Steinfeld is currently the lead star in AppleTV+’s original series Dickinson, and that contract restricts her from working with any competitors.

We’ll keep everyone updated as the story further develops…

Source: MCU Cosmic

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