If you would’ve told us that a Joker solo film would receive massive praise weeks ahead of its release, I would’ve told you, you were lying! For those keeping up with Todd Phillips’ upcoming Joker film KNOWS the hype this film has amassed after every trailer release.

Recently Warner Bros. unleashed the final trailer for the Joker, along with some official movie posters; adding even more hype for the film. IMAX has followed suit and released their exclusive Joker movie poster (pictured below), in which you can see Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker watching the world burn and enjoying every burning second of it.

Joker has become one of 2019’s most highly anticipated films and with its official release just a few week’s away. Fans are antsy to see if the film will live up to the hype and the raving reviews it has received from early critics.

Joker arrives in theaters October 4th.

Source: IMAX