WonderCon Anaheim has officially been canceled due to safety concerns over the coronavirus. As we reported earlier today, a long list of events have been canceled due to the rapid spread of the virus. Seeing how large events housing more than 250 people can be a hazard, Comic-Con has decided to postpone WonderCon Anaheim.

As of right now, there is no word on when WonderCon 2020 will take place but an organizer of the convention took to a live video stream on Twitter to reveal that the folks behind the scenes are looking to move WonderCon 2020 to sometime in the Fall. Unfortunately for those on the east coast (like us) who cover fall conventions like New York Comic-Con. Attending and/or covering both conventions might be a bit of a struggle.

San Diego Comic-Con on the other hand which is slated to take place July 23-26 is still happening (for now) unless plans change at the hands of government officials. As we mentioned in our report earlier today, the Governor of California Gavin Newsom urged that all events hosting more than 250 should be either canceled or postponed. Hence why WonderCon has been postponed for now; while also facing possible cancellation.

While speaking with the organizer for WonderCon, he mentioned that Emerald City Comic-Con is looking to take place the week prior to or after San Diego Comic-Con due to the availability of the Seattle Convention Center. As of right now, a date has not been set and is still being worked on. Seeing how the summer con season will be a heavy one, Comic-Con is looking to potentially and permanently move WonderCon to the Fall convention season. Looking to potentially host the convention at some point between the months of September through November.

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