Whether you are an avid comic book reader, or just a casual TPB collector. You no doubt heard about the controversial title HEROES IN CRISIS (HIC) by Tom King. And if you somehow managed to keep your earmuffs on for the whole year; you most definitely heard of arguably the fastest Flash of all time WALLY WEST! This is his story after the dreaded events of HIC, the fallen hero looks for solace and some sense of redemption. But theres no running away from this one.


Tom Kings Heroes in Crisis made one of the DCs most popular character into a man who lost his way, and whose powers were not completely in his control. Wally West has since been incarcerated in Blackgate Supermax Prison for murders of dozens of his superhero peers in the care of the Sanctuary. After trying to cover up the horrific crime as well as murder a future version of himself. We find the ex-hero behind bars within his thoughts of his lost friend.


First let me introduce you to Tempus Fuginaut. If you recognize him that means you gave DC New Age of Heroes (NAOH) line of titles a shot. He debut in the title Sideways (Not a bad title, he reminded me of a Spiderman-esque character who had different powers). So Tempus is a being as old as time, as he gives you some backstory to who his is in the next two panels, because unfortunately most of the DC NAOH didn’t last too long. Most of the characters do still have a presence though in the larger DCU but i digress, back to the story. Tempus goes on to explain that the Dark Multiverse is still not yet done with the universes. The dark energies have nothing stopping them with the destruction of the Source Wall from the battle with Barbatos. And with the energies released they are destroying all in its path one world at a time. Tempus knows he cannot halt this fight alone and in turn seeks out Wally West. At this point Wally has no intention on returning to playing hero. He only looks to repent for his deeds. Linda Park also makes a surprise visit to Wally, that is part business as she is a reporter and the other as a friend who feels a connection that is not fully understood. Ill let Wally fill you in on the details in the panel.

Quick tangent, the issue also throws at us a nice interlude spread regarding something that hasn’t been mentioned in some time the MOBIUS CHAIR! If you recall the end of New 52 Darkseid Wars, Dr Manhattan kills Owl Man and Metron because were assuming they could have been a hindrance to the good doctors experiment. Or he was just under his normal MO of it happened because it was meant to happen (puppet who sees the strings). So i am theorizing that at some point Wally will go up against Dr. Manhattan at some point in this series or find out more about him. (debate me on it lol)


Back on track after his brief meeting with Linda Wally is attacked by some inmates. With moments of contemplation of just letting them finish him off right there and then, his power dampener is damaged and the speed force flows through him once again.. and he quickly halts the situation. It shows us that though he still mourns and blames himself for everything, he just cant take the easy way out. Remembering the moments of HOC he repeatedly kills himself in his time loop not only to set the stage of the murder scene but to punish himself. So to think he’s not willing to just give up; to juts be killed by Girder and Tarpit it shows he still has some reason to keep living. And Tempus knows this as he makes his appearance to the scarlet speedster.

Tempus needs the help of the fastest being in all the multiverse, yeah thats right he calls Wally the fastest of everyone, everywhere, everything! To help him save the multiverse, of course Wally wants no part of it but the guardian is a pretty tough guy in his own right, he quickly convinces (forces) him to take up the mission while he puts Wally back into something a bit more comfy (his Flash costume) and sends him on his way to the first world to help stop this dark world from spreading. And the first world he visits is a fan favorite in my books, Earth-23 President Calvin Ellis, aka Kalel, AHHHHHHHHHH! This part here made the story even more worth while. I love when we get to visit different earths, you never know what your going to get.

I leave you with this. the book is worth the read/buy. Tons of directions this story can take, and quite possibly be the reconciliation we all wanted for the way Wally was handled in previous books. Its definitely holding my attention with that last panel and im excited to read the next issue coming 10/16/19. Hope you enjoyed this review let me know what you think in the comments. As always… STAY NERDY MY FRIENDS.

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