Fire Force has arrived with a fiery debut! While episode two of Fire Force is currently streaming on Crunchyroll and FunimationNOW, we will only be covering episode one of the highly anticipated summer anime.

Right off the top Fire Force comes in guns blazing. Getting you right into the fiery action of Tokyo’s Special Fire Force Company 8 who are here to save not only its city, but humans and their souls.

What I personally enjoyed about this first episode is how well it brought into play both the supernatural and paranormal themes, with the overarching religious themes and the battle of the spiritual world and the physical.

Shinra’s personal arc is one that’s set in deep emotional pain and a bad reputation. While he nervously hides behind a “devilish smile”. He is just a kid who feels like a failure for not protecting his mother and his younger brother, who both just so happen to burn to death; and in that same unfortunate event, Shinra is blamed for killing his mother and younger brother. His quest is to become the hero he always promised his mother he would be and to finally get out of that shadow that’s been haunting him since he was just a little boy.

Fire Force is off to a great start, but make sure you check back here for my review of Fire Fore Episode 2 “The Heart of a Fire Soldier”

Fire Force is now streaming on FunimationNOW and Crunchyroll